Shoe styles that are trending in 2019

Shoes are that staple item which greatly influences the way you appear. It holds enough power to make or break any look. So one just can’t go wrong with their footwear style especially when there are so many trending pieces rocking the fashion industry. Every season comes with new styles and trends and we just have to know about them all in order to stay up-to-date with the fashion industry. And when it comes to shoes, one cannot have enough of them. Each style serves different purpose and functionality and brings a whole new change to the way you look. Today we will be looking at a few of the shoe trends that will make you follow them right away. Read on to know about them.

1. Square toed shoes

While pointed toe shoes continued to be on the hottest trending list, square-toed shoes managed to find a spot for themselves in the list too. And quite honestly we are loving these vintage beauties which were quite huge back in the ‘90s. However, now they are back with a bang and are already being loved by people all over the world. From boots to sandals, these styles comes in all different shoe category. If you are looking to invest in shoes any time soon, it’s good to invest in square-toed ones in order to keep yourself updated with the current fashion trend.

2. Florals for the win

And just when we thought floral prints were only limited to clothing, floral printed shoes made their entry. Designers graced the ramp with these beauties that make for a perfect fall footwear. Their beautiful floral prints and colors are what makes them stand out. And to be honest, these floral prints look incredibly well on boot style, which also makes them a statement footwear without any doubt. From long boots and ankle boots to gorgeous pointed toe heels, this style can be spotted almost on every footwear piece.

3. Animal print

One of the hottest trends of this season is the animal print style. Be it in the form of clothing, shoes, and accessories, they are being loved and appreciated in all different versions. And when we speak of shoes, such pairs make for a stunning footwear piece that can instantly add a glam factor to your ensemble. From boots to sandals, these prints can be seen graced by them all and looks pretty amazing to begin with. Animal prints such as snake print and leopard print are the most loved styles and they certainly hold the ability to make you look from drab to fab in a go.

4. Strappy sandals

These minimalist style sandals managed to grab a spot for themselves in the trending list. This style was introduced on the ramps last year and now can be spotted everywhere around the world. Such an elegant shoe style makes for an ideal choice to be worn during work or weddings. They come in all different styles and designs, you can pick a style that feels the best to you.

5. Feather shoes

These feather shoes were the highlight during the spring season and manage to dominate the runways with their unconventional yet striking look. They literally have the ability to steal the spotlight from the rest of your look, be it your outfit or your makeup, these feathered shoes will grab all the attention. Designers find ways and tricks to add feathers to the shoes, some added them to the straps while some incorporated them to the back of the heel.

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