Self care essentials for your next road trip

Roads trips are the best thing to happen after spending days and months juggling between work and home. It not only allows us to feel relaxed and keep our head clear of all the unwanted stress and tension but also makes for a perfect opportunity to hang out with our friends and family. And is there any better feeling in this world than traveling on open roads, listening to your favorite music and the nice fresh breeze hitting your face? Probably not. Nothing can feel as liberating and refreshing than going on a road trip especially if you are a solo traveler. And speaking of solo traveling, it may sound all fun and exciting to do so but this whole fun thing can easily take a wrong turn if you’re not prepared for the trip. Which calls for the essentials you definitely would need to carry while going for one. While first aid kid, spare tires, important documents are the basic essentials, but people often tend to miss out on some other essential stuff which can come really handy during some situation. And to help you through we have listed some of the essentials which will ensure your trip goes all smooth and nice.

1. Sunglasses

Going on a road trip and not carrying your favorite pair of sunnies, how is it possible? Just like your clothes and basic necessities, your sunglasses are also very important to carry. After all the blinding sun can tamper those scenic views and landscapes you wouldn’t want to miss out on. It also helps in protecting your delicate eyes from harsh sun rays which can be really dangerous for them if constantly exposed to the rays. Also, it serves as a phenomenal fashion element which can amp up your look in a go. So make sure to carry your sunnies in the bag.

2. Sunscreen

If you have forgotten your sunscreen at home then you can be in a lot of trouble. Sunscreen literally acts as a shield which protects your delicate skin from harsh sun rays that can harm it in a lot of ways. And you of course, wouldn’t want that to happen. That’s why always, remember always carry your sunscreen in your travel bag as it will prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating your skin. No matter, how sunny or overcast it is, make sure to apply a nice coat of sunscreen to every part of your skin that is being exposed to the sun.

3. Wipes

You can never go wrong by adding wipes to your bag. They can come handy in many different situations. Whether to wipe your hands, sweaty or dirty face, or the entire body, these wipes can prove to be a blessing in disguise. And if you have run out of toilet paper or tissues, these wipes can turn out to be your savior. So always carry a pack of wipes with you as you never know when they will come handy.

4. Mini brush

All that breeze and wind may feel great to you but that’s not the case with your hair. The aftermath can prove to be quite a frustrating and a little painful process as your hair gets tangled and messy due to exposure of wind. However, if you carry a nice mini brush, for instance, a detangler or tangle teezer, you wouldn’t need to worry about the pain or your hair falling out as it does its job pretty well.

5. Lip balm

Just like our skin needs its daily dose of moisture and hydration, our lips ask for the same too. You can’t keep them deprived of moisture as they can start to appear very flaky and dry. And this is when a lip balm works. It gives your lips the needed hydration and keeps them all moist and soft. Opt for a flavored lip balm for a better taste and to add some tint to your lips.

6. Deodorant

Body odor is one thing, you would want people to notice in you as it can be a really embarrassing situation quite honestly. Always carry a travel friendly deodorant with you to keep that body odor at bay. Don’t go all the way strong with your body deodorants, pick the one that is mild and sweet. Rest you can carry a perfume or deodorant of your choice in your travel bag to use on regular days.

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