Rookie mistakes that are popping acne and pimples

Acne and pimples are taking a toll on everyone nowadays. The main reason behind this is that enough care and measures are not taken prior and that’s when these zits make their way to damage our delicate skin. We make a lot of mistakes on a daily basis that impact negatively on our skin tone and texture. Here are some of the rookie mistakes that you do and ways on how to avoid them!

Scrubbing too much

One of the most common mistakes that almost everyone is making right now is scrubbing their face on a regular basis. Of course, our face needs exfoliation every once in a while but overdoing it will just wreck the skin and promote the popping up of pimples. The basic idea behind scrubbing your face is to remove dust and dirt from the pores and add life and glow to the face. With the apt amount of scrubbing, one is able to deal with any excess oil or impurities that might have found home in your skin. But overdoing this too much will open your pores so much that they will invite dust and dirt even more. This habit needs to shun and thus, scrubbing in an appropriate amount is a must.

Touching your face too much

Can’t even count the number of people who do this because everyone does! And even though they know that this is not a good habit, they do it and get on their path of wrecking skin bit by bit. Touching your own face, again and again, will not do any good and take a toll on your skin even more. This is because our hands catch a lot of dust and dirt every day while we are at work or in the middle of household things. Now touching your face with those hands is definitely not going to reward you. Is it? And moreover, the face is the most delicate part of your body with loose and thin skin. Anything minimal can get into your skin just like that. So keep those hands away from your face!

Squeezing those pimples

This must stop right away! If you are doing this already, put a full stop on this habit. Popping and squeezing your pimples result in breeding even more pimples. This is the worst thing you can do to your face. The thing is that this habit not only pops more pimples but it also leaves scars of those pimples. It is totally agreeable that having those pimples disturb you a lot but that does not mean you have to pop them up. There is a way to deal with everything and popping them is definitely not it. It can also lead to infection, redness and further inflammation. It is strongly advised to shun this habit and leave those pimples alone.

Not using enough moisturizer

Another reason why so many zits pop up during a particular phase is that you might not be following an appropriate skincare routine. This is an imperative point because whenever you sway away from your routine, it is bound to affect you negatively. There are so many reasons as to why those pimples are breeding in your skin. One of them is that your skin is not hydrated enough. The use of a moisturizer is a must and if you are not using it enough, then it has to take a toll on your skin. Make sure that you clean your skin the right way every day and then use a moisturizer to provide enough hydration. There are so many benefits of using this one and all of them result in glowing skin.

Skipping Sunscreen

This mistake is the most common one out of the lot. It has a lot to do with damaging your skin and how. If you do not use an appropriate amount of sunscreen, it is going to wreck your skin. Exposure to the sun is harmful because of those UV rays and when they get into the skin, they create irreparable damage. If you are exposing your skin to the sun, then make sure you use enough sunscreen. It should not be less than 30 SPF. When these rays get into the skin, they add impurities to the pores and this causes blackheads, pimples, zits and promotes scars. So it is advised to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher every day.


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