Quick and simple ways to tackle a smelly scalp

A smelly scalp can be a huge turn-off for anyone, and surprisingly, a lot of people deal with this problem. While we can still get through a bad hair day, the same cannot be said when it comes to a smelly scalp. A smelly scalp can be unbearable and a bit too much to handle. There are several factors that could be held responsible for making your scalp smell bad, and while not washing your hair for days is the simplest reason anyone can come up with, this could also be a result of product build-up or the fact that you have an oily scalp. This problem tends to become even more common and grave during summer given excessive heat and sweat.

If you have been looking for ways to put an end to this problem, then your search ends here. We have got a bunch of easy and simple ways to treat a smelly scalp.

Use the right kind of hair oil

No matter if you have an oily scalp or normal scalp, oiling is important to keep both your scalp and hair healthy. But when it comes to dealing with an oily scalp, you should be very mindful of the type of hair oil you are using. Smelly scalp could simply be a result of sweat and oil build-up on your scalp that further encourages bacteria to stick to your hair, causing your scalp to smell awfully bad. This problem could become even worse by using heavy hair oils such as coconut oil. Therefore, you should opt for a light hair oil such as argan oil. It won’t only help keep your hair in a good shape but will also promote hair growth.

Use essential oils

Another effective way to tackle a smelly scalp is by using essential oils. Essential oils tend to be much stronger than your regular hair oils; using them on a regular basis can help get rid of a smelly scalp. Of all types of essential oils known to us, lemon, tea tree, lavender, lemongrass are some of the best options to consider. Since these essential oils are packed with antibacterial properties, they will do an amazing job of eliminating odor from your scalp. You can mix a few drops of these essential oils with your hair mask or hair oil.

Wash your hair regularly

One of the easiest ways to deal with a smelly scalp is to wash your mane. An easy way to tell if your hair needs to be washed is by rubbing your fingers through your scalp, if they smell bad, then take it as a sign that you need a hair wash. Since too much shampooing isn’t good for your hair’s health, pick a gentle formula that doesn’t contain parabens or sulfates since these ingredients are known to cause extreme damage to your hair.

Use lemon to eliminate the odor

When used correctly, lemon can turn out to be one of the most effective ways to deal with a smelly scalp. Considering lemon is highly acidic in nature, using it on its own can prove to be harmful to your scalp. Hence, it’s always recommended to use lemon in a diluted form. In this case, you will mix lemon juice with 1 tablespoon of curd. Apply this mixture to your scalp and leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing it off. Do this two times a week to get rid of the awful stench.

Apply a hair mist

If you are looking for a quick and temporary way to eliminate the stench from your scalp, then you should reach for a hair mist. If you deal with this problem quite often, then you should always keep a hair mist handy. You can spray the product all over your mane in order to get rid of the smell temporarily.

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