Pros and Cons of Getting a Keratin Treatment

What is Keratin Treatment?

Keratin Treatment is one of the most popular treatments amongst women and especially for those women, who are dealing with frizzy hair and dry scalp. This is an extremely rigid problem that every other woman has been facing nowadays and there has literally been no solution to it. Yes, there might be some ideas, tricks, and hacks that help to reduce this dryness. But nothing has been able to cope up with this issue fully. No one is born with such hair. Over time, our hair tends to lose their moisture and because of so much dust and dirt in the air, they lose the inbuilt protein and vitamins. Thus, women run to the salon to get regular spa treatments. This is temporary! Eventually, you would have to live with the fact that your hair is not equipped with the necessities.

So, Keratin is basically a protein, which is naturally present in hair and that is one of the reasons why our hair is all shiny and straight. It boosts them to remain healthy and thick all the time. But with the course of time, this Kertain content gets lost from our hair may be because of diet and lifestyle changes. This lost of keratin leads to dry and frizzy hair. So, what happens is that during a keratin treatment, it is artificially added to the hair to add that lost moisture and protein to it. Thus, it removes all the possible frizz and dryness that our hair might have adapted to. But there are always some pros and cons to everything. Have a look at both of them and then make an apt choice!

  • Pros of Keratin Treatment:

Restores the natural protein in your hair

Quite an obvious one! The reason why we are attracted to this treatment is that it restores all the lost protein and moisture in the hair. Simply put, keratin is a fibrous protein and that is responsible for all the shine and smoothness in the hair. It forms a layer or a shield of luster on the hair and this makes the hair turn shiny and healthy just after one session. Hair feels silky and strong and this health is actually visible!

Ideal for all kinds of hair

The best thing about a keratin treatment is that it benefits all kinds of hair and this is a tried and tested point. It doesn’t matter whether you have curly, wavy, thin or coarse hair. All kinds of hair can be easily exposed to keratin treatment and can result in a successful venture. This is an ideal choice for all the women out there and it gives beautiful results in literally no time. If you feel that your hair has become hard to manage, then this treatment will make you love them!

Frizz-free hair

After you have undergone a keratin treatment, say goodbye to frizzy and dry hair. After 3-4 days of getting this treatment done, you need to wash your hair. Within this period, the protein settles in and casts its magic. Once you wash your hair, you will be amazed by the smoothness of your hair. They become healthy, extra strong, shiny and everything gorgeous that you can think of! Even the dryness and humidity in the air outside won’t affect your hair because keratin has already formed a layer of protection. Thus, this is truly an ideal choice.

  • Cons of Keratin Treatment:

A costly affair

To achieve the perfect hair, you need to undergo this costly treatment. This one literally comes with a hefty price and ranges between 250$ to 500$. This is a con for the treatment because spending so much for your hair can feel like a waste. Not everyone is in favor to spend so much money on one single treatment. The salon people determine the price based on the length of your hair because that will, in turn, decide the amount of keratin product to be applied.

Short Life Span

Even if you spend this hefty amount on your hair, the time span of its effect is very less. This treatment might need to be repeated after a period of two months to maintain the smoothness of your hair. Are you willing to spend that much amount again? Well, certainly not. After some time, they might start to look frizzy and flaky again. This will make you regret why did you even get this treatment done int he first place!

Risk of Damage & irritation

It is imperative to conduct proper research on this treatment first and consult a professional. No doubt that this keratin chemical is safe and effective but it requires a professional to pull this complete process effortlessly. If that does not happen, you might be exposed to damaged hair and also itchiness and irritation in the scalp. So make sure that you consider a professional, your budget as well as the sensitivity of your skin before engaging in this treatment.

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