Precautions you must take while ironing your hair

A flat iron or hair straightener is a quick and effective solution to almost every hair problem; starting from frizzy hair that keeps sticking out to unmanageable hair that never starts behaving. Had our tresses behaved in the first place, we wouldn’t have gone the hard way and subject them to a little torture in the form of heat. Since they never chose to behave and kept being a big headache, we had no option but to use a hair straightener or flat iron. While we agree that a flat iron works magically for our unmanageable tresses but it has its own set of drawbacks which shouldn’t be ignored. To all the girls, who can’t go a day without running a flat iron through their hair must know the amount of damage it does to your tresses, from having split ends to dry, limp hair, this is what a hair straightener does to your locks if you don’t take a few precautions before subjecting your hair to this much heat more often than required.

Straight, manageable hair may look good for some time, but once it gets damaged enough, it becomes really hard to get your hair back to its original state, basically, no amount of repairs will be able to bring your tresses back to life. If you want to save yourself from getting your locks chopped, which will be the only option left, here are some precautions that you must follow to keep your hair from getting damaged. 

Never straighten your hair when it’s wet

We know it’s common sense, but some girls just fail to get it as the amount of damage it does to your hair when it’s wet can be even more severe than doing it on your dry. Because of being in a wet state, your hair becomes really fragile, which makes it prone to breakage and damage. By running a flat iron through your moist or damp hair, you will only be cracking up your cuticles which will leave your hair looking lackluster. If you keep ironing your wet hair, it won’t be long when your hair gets severely damaged because of it getting burned and believe us the damage will be irreversible. Therefore, the next time you want to use a straightener, make sure to dry it first using a blow dryer and then you can go ahead with ironing. 

Pamper your tresses

If you can’t stop using a flat iron on a regular basis, then you must give your hair extra TLC to keep it looking healthy, smooth and manageable. Make sure to oil your hair before washing it to keep it nourished and also to help to maintain its texture. Additionally, you can also use a hair serum or hair mask to prevent your tresses from getting damaged, do it every once a week. You can also indulge in some pampering session by going for a spa at least once a month to get rid of all the grime, dirt and also to improve your hair texture by making it shiny, bouncy and strong.

Use high-quality products

The products you are using on your hair can make a big difference in the way it appears. Your choice of shampoo and conditioner really matters here. You should look for products with moisturizing and nourishing properties to keep your hair healthy and manageable. In case, you have really dry hair, then you can opt for a leave-in conditioner. Choosing high-quality products for your hair will protect it from further damage and will also be a quick fix for frizziness and dull hair. 

Keep the temperature right

Before you use any heat styling tool on your hair, make sure to set the temperature right or else you will downright be burning your hair. No matter your hair texture, setting a temperature beyond 200-degree centigrade is a big no-no. Some heat styling tools that don’t come with temperature setting usually have a temperature of 450-degree centigrade which exceeds the suggested temperature to a great extent, therefore, you should completely avoid using such tools or else they can leave your hair with nasty split ends and breakage. Keeping the temperature somewhere in between 180-200 is an ideal choice for people with good hair. 

Know the right way of ironing

Yes, there’s a right way of ironing your hair. After combing your hair, divide it into small sections. Then take one section at a time and run a flat iron through it by starting at the root. After clamping the iron at the root, twist it at a 45-degrees angle in a downward direction to create tension and bring it down very smoothly and gently to the very ends of your hair. Don’t iron a particular section of hair over and over again as the chances are you will end up burning them. 

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