Pick these necklines for a unique silhouette

All kinds of apparel are tailored differently according to the ongoing trends. The designing is different for all of them and that’s what makes them attractive. When it comes to picking the right kind of upper body apparel, you must consider wearing unique necklines that will highlight your body in the best way possible. Here is a list of some of the most stunning necklines that highlight your collar bones, show off your skin in just the perfect amount and curate a stunning silhouette. Have a look and make your pick!

Boat Neckline

If you consider a round neckline too mainstream, then a boat neckline will definitely impress you. This is an improvisation of the round neckline and looks much more flattering. With this one, you can show off your skin and collar bones in just the right amount. Out of all the necklines, this one is the most flattering because it is different from the rest. This boat neckline stretches till the shoulders and remains close to the neck. This one will always look graceful at all occasions. You can make it a bit wider on the front as well but it looks best when the shape of a boat is visibly spotted. Use this elegant neckline blouse for you day and night outings. Wear stud earrings and highlight your neck.

Cowl Neckline

A cowl neckline is one of the most popular necklines and has gained this popularity recently. Although this was a part of the fashion line ever since; it has gained recognition recently. This is because it is a mixture of two separate necklines. Multiple gathers around the neck that form loose drapes in round folds account for this neckline. Cowl necklines are very popular in blouses and sweaters. They look elegant always and have the ability to make you look unique in a crowd full of people. You can wear a bold neckpiece with it in dazzling tones like gold and silver. You can also pick bulky earrings for the utmost flattering. Women with a smaller chest should opt for such necklines because it will add depth and volume to their chest area. Pull off this pretty silhouette in style.

Halter Neckline

One of the sexiest styles every curated is this halter neckline. If you are looking for something classy and elegant, then this one will satisfy every inch of your craving. This is a sexy silhouette for every outing like your cocktail dinner scenes, formal parties, casual day lunches. The best thing about this kind of neckline is that it highlights your shoulders and makes your upper body look sexy. The shoulder bones are in full view of this kind of blouse or dress. Toned arms, uplifted shoulder, and balanced bust are highlighted in this kind of blouse. Pick a smart halter neck blouse or dress for your next outing and make sure that you wear the required accessories with it. Those who have a heavy upper body should avoid this one because it might make you look more voluminous.

Turtle neckline

A turtle neckline is similar to a high neckline and settles just below the chin. It covers your entire neck and thus, protects from the cold weather. If you had to choose something that would not only showcase a fashionable vibe but also become a utility product, it has to be this one. It makes you look taller because the length of the top or sweater stretches out till the neck. However, this can be a con factor too because if you choose something that is so up till the neckline, it will make breathing difficult. So, pick something that is comfortable as well as stylish. There are a lot of options in this category and different fabrics are used to tailor this one. Pick a turtleneck sweater or top and pair it with your skinny jeans.

One-shoulder neckline

This one is arguably the most stunning one out of all. Looking for a sexy attire that is just enough, nothing less and nothing more? Well, this one will come out of all odds and shine through your closet. This one-shoulder neckline is truly the best when it comes to stylish attires. There are so many tops, dresses and even jumpsuits that have been curated in this one-shoulder style and have slain over the years. Those who have narrow shoulders and thin arms can use this one to give a broad body illusion. But if you are already broad, then you should avoid such necklines. Pair this one with sleek accessories and portray an elegant silhouette for your next outing.

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