Peach beauty and Healthy Figure Dream of All

At some point, we all want to have a healthy figure and glow on our face. Well, it can be true and we are here to make it true for you. Our today’s post can be taken as beauty tips or health tips. These will help you get both simultaneously. Well, you will relish a few drinks and some have to be gulped down your throat. If you do these regularly with a little bit of simple Yoga like breathing in and out, you will find great results. This doesn’t mean that the drinks or food will not work alone, it will work nicely but doing a little walk can be really helpful. So without saying anything furthers let’s get started.

Vitamin B

Consuming vitamin B you will not only keep your digestion in control but similarly help you get clear skin. Thus you can consume Salmon, if you eat fish this is a rich source of protein as well as vitamin B. Next you will need to consume green leafy vegetables like spinach. Now before you boil the green leaves. We suggest you steam them because other forms of cooking drain the folate from the leaf itself. You can consume eggs in any manner you want, these are known to be the vital source of biotin. You can skip the yellow part as it contains fat for weight loss.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only good for the creation of skin cells but is known to reduce the stress and bad effects of pollution on skin. Someone who suffers from a poor diet much inculcates vitamin C in their diets. This will result in having clear skin and a clear body. The food that is rich in citric acid is lemon, thus there are many skin creams that have lemon oil or other lemon extracts in them. Orange is also a rich source of vitamin C. Apple, Pineapple, kiwi are other few sources of vitamin C. Consuming these you will keep a check of weight as well as have the glowing skin.


There is no denying that coconut is a rich fruit. Many desserts have the coconut dressing on them this is used in biscuits and many other baking items. Coconut can be used when it is green and once, turned brown coconut has a think pulp inside which is beneficial for skin and stomach. People who suffer from digestive issues or acne coconut water cooling properties help them to resolve both the issue. We all know how an unclean stomach can not only cause pimples to the face but our body as well. The waste is not secreted properly because the liver isn’t functioning well. The oil produced by dried coconut is also applied to the body to keep it moisturized. However oily skin type should avoid moisturizing with coconut oil and even dry skin should only use coconut oil during winters.
Note: the direction is only for direct application, when it is mixed with other ingredients can be used all year long.

Bell Peppers

Some love to eat the bell pepper sandwich or salad. Consumption of bell peppers green, yellow, and red can be beneficial for hair growth and clear skin. These contain vitamin C which makes its way to the red blood cells. These cells are responsible for carrying oxygen-rich in iron to your hair follicles. Thus eating these regularly can result in hair growth and improved texture of your hair. You can saute them with other green leafy vegetables.

Omega 3

We all need some fatty acid during the day, consumption of healthy fatty acid which is present in nuts, and not in sugar or other beverages is a must. Almonds and walnuts have Omega 3 in abundance. Now many dietitian recommend consuming two or three nuts when you are feeling hungry. You must eat 6 almonds every day on an empty stomach along with soaked whole walnut.

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