Never-ending love for Trendy Earrings

Jewelry has always been a fine piece of accessory in our wardrobe. Maybe it’s their delicate feature or blingy adornments- whatever it is, they have been a consistent part of our wardrobe ever since. One of the most important pieces of jewelry that we just cannot let go of is earrings and everyone will agree on this. With earrings, you can totally amp any look and never fail to be recognized in a crowd full of people. It makes you stand out of the crowd and also brings in the factor of a distinct personality. It’s funny and strange how just a single pair of earrings has the potential to bring variation to the outfit and add that playful touch! You can have lots of them and still not feel like they have been over stacked.

It’s like the makeup you put on your ears and should be chosen carefully for every occasion. Since they go with every outfit, make your pick according to the place you’re headed to; whether it’s a night party, a day date or just a business meeting. You must own these exquisite pieces for every occasion-

Black Studs earrings

Black is the color of every season, every era and every generation. You just can’t let go of black whether it is your apparel, footwear, handbags or accessories. It has this unexplained charm to it that attracts everyone! Black studs are one of the most elegant pieces of jewelry and go with everything you name. You can wear them to your meetings, your lunch dates or cocktail parties and never regret this decision. Studs are a regular piece of earrings of precious stones or gems and crystals and remain tightly gripped to the earlobe. You can choose a lot of shapes like round, oval, geometric in studs as there are more options than you can think of!

Silver Drops

Drop earrings are way too cute and funky because of the loose fall feature. They look adorable with almost every look and can transform every woman’s look. Since drop earrings come in a lot of styles, we have picked the silver drops for some really great reasons. Silver is a very charming color and adds life to any dull outfit. It shines from a distance and grabs attention even if you don’t intend to. A set of fun and shimmery earrings that it is- it also elongates the face. You can pick them in medium or long sizes, slender or chunky- as per your preference.

Hoop Earrings

The new favorite trend of the generation! Hoop earrings as the name suggests are big round circle earrings that look too extra on the body. And this too extra is definitely not in a negative way. They are extravagant, oversized and definitely not sleek. The point of wearing hoops is to create a signature style with such gigantic pieces. Although you can pick hoops in small diametres as well, it actually depends on your face type. If you have a petite face, pick any size of earrings as it will add volume to your look. If you have a bulky face, prefer drop earrings or hoops in a bigger size. They will not only elongate the face but also make you look trendy!

Creole Earrings

Similar to hoops in a lot of ways, Creole earrings are one of the most playful kinds of earrings. They are also made in a circle shape like hoops but only go half in the diameter. Creole earrings are like a half-moon and you will see a lot of variety in this style on the street. You can find a lot of looks with different shapes, materials, and geometric sizes from miniature to gigantic styles. Pick them in gold statements, crafted jewelry, bright hues, studded with pearls, etc. They go with your beachwear style and a business occasion as well. What a contrast, isn’t it? That’s the beauty of Creole earrings!

Cuff Earrings

Everyone is familiar with Cufflinks and how they amp up every man’s outfit. Cufflinks have a very unique style and they have been introduced in earrings as well. Adding dimension and volume to the ears, they look super trendy. Cuff earrings come with a hanging chain that is attached very beautifully to both ends of the cuff. They are like a reinvention and have aced successfully to be a part of every woman’s wardrobe. If you’re the kind of girl who wants to come out as a tomboy with minimal feminity, then this is definitely your pick. Shop them in metal designs, gold, colored or antique rust-everything is trending!

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