Makeup removals hacks that are quick and time-saving

Removing makeup at the end of the day is probably one of the most satisfying things to do, but for some, it is a real task. While it hardly takes a few minutes to get rid of the makeup and follow your skincare routine, but it can be a lot for those who have had a long tiring day. As much as we would like to empathize with you, it’s also a fact that you cannot afford to sleep with your makeup on. It’s a big no-no. No matter how tired you are or how late you have reached back to your place, you should always make sure to take your makeup off unless you want to wake up with a few acne breakouts or brittle eyelashes. Believe us, there could be nothing worse than sleeping with your makeup on.
While there are a few girls who take their skincare routine very seriously, there are also some who struggle to take their makeup off after having a long tiring day, and if you are someone who belongs to the latter category then you are in absolute luck as we have listed a few makeup removals hacks that are not only quick but time-saving as well.

Get yourself a bottle of micellar water

If you haven’t heard of this product already then it’s time that you get acquainted with this amazing thing that needs to be added on your beauty shelf right now. Micellar water is a wondrous product that is composed of various oil molecules that are collectively known as micelles. These micelles not only help to get rid of every inch of makeup from face but it also removes every kind of dirt and impurity that are seated on your skin. And after using it, you no longer will need to wash your face off.

Always keep makeup wipes handy

There are a few products that you should always keep handy and makeup wipes are certainly one of them. These are not only meant to be kept in your everyday bag all the time but you should also have a stock of them at your home, placed next to your bed. We all have had days when even changing the clothes can feel like an exhausting task, and during such times, these makeup wipes can come super handy. Simply wipe your face using these wipes to remove every inch of makeup and impurities from your face and apply a fine layer of moisturizer on your skin to keep it well moisturized and voila! You will be good to go.

Shower FTW

Some people are very dedicated to their daily routines and take their hygiene very seriously. And if you are someone who has a habit of taking a shower before hitting the bed no matter how tired you are, then you can easily use that time to take off your makeup as well. The key is to be smart here and one of the best ways to take your makeup off is by doing it while your shower. Take any cleansing oil and apply it to your face. The product will come off while you shower. Additionally, cleansing oil not only helps to get rid of makeup but it also keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized.

Use lotion to get rid of makeup

There are a lot of beauty products in our vanity that can double up as other things and one such product is the body lotion or moisturizer. You can easily use this product as a makeup remover. Apply the lotion or moisturizer all over your face and let it rest for about a minute. After that, take a cotton pad and wipe your entire face using it to get rid of makeup and other impurities. Make sure to wipe face properly or else it will clog the pores which can result in acne.

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