Makeup Mistakes That Add Years To Your Age

Makeup has the power to potentially transform your look and highlight your features. Initially when we tried our hands over makeup was simply because we wanted to embrace our natural beauty and later it became more than a necessity, it became an indulgence.

We all age; there is nothing awkward in that, we mean for once every single one of us will get older. It’s the natural order but what matters the most is how gracefully you will do that. Fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots are a fair share of problem every matured skin shows but fortunately, we have a tool to camouflage these, the signs of our getting old. But makeup is a double-edged sword that if used negligently can alter the game. Rather than hiding the issues, it can exacerbate the issues you wanted to hide and can make you look older than actually, you are.

We are no makeup experts, all we know is by practicing and thus it’s very much obvious that we can do mistakes unknowingly and these mistakes are doing nothing but making us look older and dull. And who all wants that, the reason for applying makeup is to look more youthful and fresh, right?

Let’s have a look at the mistakes that the majority of us are doing and what’s the best way to correct them.

Applying too much foundation-

The biggest mistake that makes you look much older is applying layers and layers of foundation. The thick layer of foundation can accentuate your flaws instead of camouflaging them. The best to achieve a youthful and natural makeup look is to focus a minimalist approach while working with the foundation. Go for a light to medium coverage foundation on a daily basis, use the right formula that suits your skin type, and make sure you blend properly.
Another great trick to work with your heavy foundations on a daily basis is to mix it with your moisturizer to get a light consistency and you’re good to go.


Contouring has become warming uptrend lately. From the red carpet, a brunch, or a casual day out contouring has become an integral part of our makeup routine. Contouring is perfect to give a more chisel and dimension to your face, and we clearly understand what’s the hype is all about. But, do a mature skin needs that chiseled effect? Certainly no, contouring sheds the softer features of our look making our face appear very pointed, and thus going overboard with contouring can add years to your age and will steal that youthful appearance.

Skipping Primer

For your makeup to glide on smoothly you surely need to apply a primer before using anything else. The primer provides a protective layer to your makeup meaning that the makeup will not clog your pores and will not budge throughout the day keeping your makeup fresh and youthful all the time. Primer also affects the longevity of your base, a muddy and melted off base just accentuates your pores, spots, and fine lines dropping the whole idea of a youthful makeup. Matured skin often looks saggy and thus to work with foundation without applying a primer underneath can be really hard. So, make sure you always start with a primer.

Neglecting Your Brows-

Brows are a really important feature of your face, that lifts and frames your face. As we age it’s common that our hair will thin and that makes our eyes recede. So, by ignoring your brows you’re actually adding more years to your look. The solution is to fill your brows properly. Fill them with gel, pencil, or powder whatever stuff suits you well and use light, feathery strokes when you are working on the brows in that way you’ll achieve natural yet filled brows.

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