Make-up Tips for a Photogenic Face

Make-up Tips for a Photogenic Face

When you compare your makeup style with those done by professionals, you begin to question your techniques and become curious about what they have in store that you don’t. Well, the products can be high-end but the outcome totally depends on your skills and how much practice you did so far. And because of this very reason, you don’t need to feel demotivated. Don’t think that your makeup products are not paying off.

You might just be doing a few things differently and after you go through the following tips, you will know what goes where. Keep reading!


  1. Setting Spray

Setting sprays are the holy grail for makeup lovers but little do people realize how significantly they can change your makeup game. These setting sprays make your makeup last longer first and second, they add more shine to your face palette. Another great thing you can do with it is to wet your eye brush right before picking up a glitter pigment and see how richly the color is delivered onto your eyelids.

Setting Spray

  1. Bronzing Over Contouring

A hard-on contouring needs a lot of work of the brush, and some expertise too (as always). However, the real human face has many shades of colors and that is so beautifully smudged that there are no marks. The same idea is followed by bronzing technique. You don’t need many colors just the right one for glaring up the dark sides of the face but that be done with a brush because it delivers a smooth finish. Makeup artists take the face as a palette.

Bronzing Over Contouring

  1. Highlighting Closely

You may want to add a bit of shine to the high points of your face and that is the glittery part of makeup everybody loves. But even the highlighters have certain tones beneath them that may or may not work for your skin tone. It also has to sit well with other colors of face makeup. Hence, choosing your highlighter wisely becomes important. In addition to choosing a good highlighter, you also have to work it with finesse so that it sits on the face well and is grasped by the foundation as if it comes from beneath.

Highlighting Closely

  1. Choosing the Right Brush (over sponge)

Brushes are crucial to facial makeup. They give a certain silky finish to the face that no sponge can do. Plus, using a sponge solely is much more tiring. Instead, use a specific brush for a specific purpose, wherever you can. Sponge, needing a lot of effort, still fails to deliver to the face the same smoothness as you like. Makeup artists rely much on brushes, sometimes using sponges or even fingers, to make up a face.

Choosing the Right Brush (over sponge)

  1. Spot-on Foundation

There is no doubt about how essential it is to have a matching foundation. This is because your skin has to look that perfect in order to achieve a photogenic face. Only a skin color that is smooth and flawless as you want can deliver that. In the end, the face is a palette that you will work on and all the additional colors are only there to support the perfection, of the canvas.

Spot-on Foundation

  1. Swift Brushing

This one is a technique in makeup artistry that needs some level of expertise and that can only come after you have honed the practice for quite some time. Swiftly brushing up the different pigments on the face ensures a smooth smudging so that there is a glowing face therefore. Use less force on the skin and more friction so the product gets mixed easily.

Swift Brushing

These were some of the best tips to enhance the overall payoff of your favorite makeup essentials. With less work and more impact, you will be much happier with your outlook. Your makeup will not only take much less time but also cost lesser than before. Makeup is an artsy practice. You use your creativity not only when you think of a look but also to decide what products are best suited to your needs.

With these tips, many things will become easier and you will notice more product delivery. These products will be working multiple jobs to give the ultimate overall photogenic face! Happy hoarding!

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