Let’s have a light academia wardrobe

You would be familiar with the trending fashion style called dark academia where people dress in dark earthy hues and tones and this style gives off a scholarly vibe. The aesthetic was scholarly and elegant. This light academia is the same aesthetic but with light tones. This trend and aesthetic are not one of those fast-changing trends, this one has set its place and is now extremely popular. Light academia is a lighter version of the dark academia and it provides a sense of relaxation and refreshment. With the pastel colors and soft tones, this style is all about being soft and elegant.

If you are interested in this style and want to know more about it, then read along to see what clothes and accessories can you get or use to create some outfits in this aesthetic.


Turtlenecks are a staple in the style. They are such versatile pieces of cloth that can be used to style different kinds of aesthetics. They make any outfit elegant and chic. You can style them up in different ways. In this light academia, turtlenecks are usually worn either as a sweater with some trousers and layered with a coat or blazer or are used as a layer under a shirt for formal wear. You can style it in several other ways by pairing it up with different pieces of clothes.

Pleated skirt

If you want to have something feminine in your outfit or wanted something soft and pretty then you can choose a cute pleated skirt. Pleated skirts are a lot famous in this aesthetic, especially with plaid print on them. They give off scholarly vibes while being elegant and pretty. You can pair them up with any kind of sweater, turtleneck, or shirt in summer. These are extremely pretty and make the outfit look complete and stunning. Pair them up with some shoes such as mary janes or oxford or some flats to complete the look.

High waisted trousers

If you want to style in a bit modest and sophisticated manner then you can go for some high-waisted trousers. After selecting what type of top you want to wear then it the time to select the correct bottoms. As mentioned above a pleated skirt is one of the options but if you are not comfortable and want to dress up in a more sophisticated manner then a pair of trousers is your go-to. A crips well-ironed pair of trousers is all you need to complete your outfit. A good pair of trousers is a must-have in the wardrobe.


How to stay cozy and stylish both at the same time in this light academia style. The answer is simple you get yourself some beautiful chunky cardigans to keep you warm and cozy in harsh weather and keep you stylish at the same time. Cardigans are super warm and help you be comfortable. You can pair these with any kind of outfit you wish to such as some skirt and top or some trousers. You can also invest in some blazers and trenchcoats in order to stay warm in the harsh weather.

 Comfortable shoes

This style is all about being comfortable and cozy, thus here you can get for yourself some comfortable shoes instead of those uncomfortable heels. Say goodbye to heels here and say hello to some beautiful and comfortable shoes that you can move around in all day. You can get for yourself some oxfords, mary janes, loafers, combat shoes, and even some flats. This style is all about being simple and comfortable. Along with the comfortable clothes you need to get some comfortable shoes as well. Get some flats along with some shoes too.

These are some of the elements that are used to create this aesthetic. You can look further to see other elements that make up this beautiful aesthetic. Look for them and see what do you already have in order to create a beautiful light academia wardrobe. This elegant style with a huge influence by the European universities catches the eyes of everyone. The heavy knitwear, pastel colors, soft vibes, and many other factors are the reason for this style to be famous.

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