Know about 5 best types of nail shapes

Your looks aren’t the only thing that people notice about you, there are a lot many things that attract attention and can tell a lot about you and your personality. One of such things is your nails. We all love well-manicured nails and it really does tell about your personality, which is why it’s extremely important to keep them all neat and filed. No matter how amazing you look in terms of your clothes and makeup, if you don’t have well-manicured nails then it can prove to be a major turn off for anyone. Nails that look beautiful is one of the most alluring accessory that any girl can carry. And knowing the fact that doing your nails in different shapes and paints is currently very much in at the moment can give us no better excuse than this. However, there are so many variety of nail shapes to choose from, that it gets a little difficult to decide on one. From oval to square, you may encounter every type of nail shape in the market but selecting the one for yourself is totally up to you. We have gathered a list of some of the best nail shapes that will never fail to make a statement with how beautiful and attractive they look.

Oval nail shape

This type of nail shape was extremely popular in the ’90s and 2000s. It perfectly suits the people who have really short and wide fingers. They also help in elongating the shape of the nails. Such a nail shape looks very elegant and never fails to attract attention with how beautiful and amazing they look. They somehow resemble the almond nail shape, but this nail shape has more soft and blunt edges on the tips of the nails and that is what makes it differ from almond nail shape. Achieving such a nail shape can get a little trickier because filing the side ends heavily can easily take the shape of an almond.

Square shaped nails

Here’s this another nail shape that you should definitely try once in your life. It works on people who have long fingers with wide nail beds. The tips of the nails are perfectly given the shape of a square. And owing to their unique shape, they are the most popular nail type at the moment and we can’t seem to find any reason to not try them this year. The best thing about this nail shape is they are less prone to breakage as they follow the natural width of your nails. This nail shape is very easy to achieve, take the filer and shape the ends of your nails straight. Don’t forget to clean the edges to avoid any roughness.

Round nail shape

Round shaped nails are the easiest and most convenient nail shape to go for. They are very easy to maintain and looks very elegant. Their low maintenance nature and easy to achieve quality makes them a very popular and common choice amongst all the girls. And the best thing about this nail shape is it suits every type of finger. Take the filer and shape your nails into a square shape. Then start shaping your nails following the natural curve of your finger. It is an excellent choice for those who find it difficult to grow their nails.

Almond nail shape

Almond nail shape is quite similar to oval nails. The key difference between the two is the pointed tips that are present in almond nail shape. And much like oval nails they also suit people with short fingers. Such nails are also very easy to achieve. Find the center point of your nails from the tip and start shaping them from both sides and you will notice a peak getting formed at the center tip of the nails. Clean the edges to remove any kind of roughness.

Stiletto nail shape

This is a kind of nail shape that isn’t everybody’s cup of tea. They look very dramatic and are very high maintenance. You will need some serious guts to pull off such nails and many celebrities were seen sporting such nails and that is how they came in trend and became popular. Such nails are very long and slender and which is what makes these nails prone to breakage. And that’s why it’s suggested to go for acrylic nails instead. Much like the almond nail shape, the same process is followed in giving your nails stiletto shape.

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