Ingredients you should avoid using in a DIY facial scrub

DIYs have become a major part of our daily life and that’s not just limited to making art and craft but beauty routines as well. No matter how many types or brands of these beauty products are available in the market, sometimes we only get the best results and most importantly the satisfaction from the DIYs that we have made ourselves at home. Apart from making face packs, hair masks, and lip scrubs, we also found ourselves making facial scrubs which can actually work quite impressively only if you have used the right ingredients according to your skin type. Choosing the wrong ingredients can do more harm than good to your skin and that’s a mistake you should avoid making at any cost. It’s extremely important that you pick the right ingredients for yourself and not create a facial scrub that is a recipe for disaster.
If you don’t want your skin to act up or getting damaged, then you should strictly avoid using these ingredients in your DIY facial scrubs that we have listed below.


Sugar is used very often in several DIY facial scrubs but no matter how popular and beneficial this ingredient may seem to you, using it on your face can prove to be pretty damaging. Both white and brown sugar crystals have very sharp edges and when applied on your skin in the form of a facial scrub, the results can be pretty harsh. All those granules can leave small abrasions on your skin and if you continue to use it more frequently, then it can also damage your skin gravely. There are certain side effects of using sugar in your DIY scrubs such as redness, scars, irritation, dryness, and wounds on the skin.


Lemon is one heck of an ingredient and there’s no doubt in that. While it can be extremely beneficial for your skin and hair due to the presence of various properties in it but using it as an ingredient in your facial scrub especially when combined with sugar is a recipe for disaster. We all know that lemon is highly acidic and is known to be very harsh which is why it should never be applied directly on your skin. Lemon can strip off your skin’s natural oils and this can leave your skin irritated and extremely sensitive, which also makes you prone to sun damage. Those chemical burns can get pretty hard to eliminate unless you visit a dermatologist.

Ground walnut shells

You might be wondering how in the world this genius product could harm your skin when it usually comes in a lot of facial scrubs that are available in the market. The truth is walnut is not a kind of ingredient that works well for every skin type. It may prove to be useful for some but if you’re someone with sensitive skin then you should completely avoid using this ingredient in your DIY facial scrubs unless you want to make your skin super dry or to peel off. Therefore, staying away from this ingredient is always the best thing to do.

Coffee grounds

Again, this is one of the ingredients that you may have seen in a lot of facial scrubs available in the market but it’s best to use on your body and not your facial skin. Uneven and rough grains of coffee can produce some tears on the top of your skin and if not treated properly, it can also lead to hyperpigmentation which is not exactly what you were trying to achieve out of this DIY facial scrub. Therefore, don’t be impulsive, know your ingredients, and then choose the best ones for yourself according to your skin type and needs as well.

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