Ingenious styling tips to instantly make any outfit look cooler

Life is unpredictable and so can be our outfits. Sometimes even the chicest outfits don’t turn out to be the way they were supposed and expected to look and fail to create magic. In order to create a glamorous and stylish outfit, you don’t need to own some fresh piece of clothing every day. Sometimes, just doing some tiny tweaks can make a big difference to the way your outfit appears. And if you thought that this could only happen if you invest in some glam and fancy pieces, then my dear friend you were absolutely wrong all this while. You wouldn’t need to burn a hole in your pocket in order to spruce up your outfit. There are so many amazing ways of creating a look that appears high on fashion and trendy always.

To make sure your outfit looks cooler and interesting, follow these hacks we have listed below and your outfit will be transformed into a chic one in no time.

Add a statement jewelry piece

Adding statement jewelry to your outfits is the most elegant and stunning way of adding an oomph factor to your ensemble. It can help you attract a lot of attention and that too for the right reasons. Eye-catching earrings, stackable rings, and chunky statement necklace can work wonders for your outfit and can make you stand out from the crowd. However, you need to be a little careful when pairing it up with different looks. For instance, a statement necklace would look amazing with a button-down shirt and plain t-shirts to create an edgy look. Whereas, wearing it with loud prints and patterns is unnecessarily going to create a chaotic look.

Cuff your jeans

One of the easiest and fastest ways of sprucing up your look is by cuffing your jeans. Wearing the same jeans all the time can easily start to look very basic and boring but you can easily modify your basic look by cuffing the ankle of your jeans. You can also choose to roll your jeans to keep the casual look intact and it usually works for jeans that are baggier on the side such as boyfriend jeans. As far as skinny jeans are concerned, cuffing the jeans about half-inch wide will do the job whilst also maintaining the streamlined look of your jeans. And to ace this look with boyfriend jeans, instead of cuffing, rolling the ankles will prove to be a smart choice as it will help in keeping the casual look very intact.

Sport a belt over the layers

Wearing a belt over your layered outfit is a smart and effective way to create a flattering silhouette. It adds dimension to the figure and gives your outfit a more appealing and striking appearance. Sometimes adding too many layers over your outfit can make you look rather bulky. Wearing a belt over the layers help in giving your body some shape and make you look curvy. Choose a narrow belt to tie around the waist, and make sure it’s of neutral color so that the belt doesn’t attract too much attention. You can also carry a colored belt as long as you are wearing an outfit that has only one or two colors in it.

Tie your top in a knot

While oversized t-shirts and button-down shirts are surely very versatile and comfy pieces of clothing to wear but having them worn a million times can easily start to give a very worn-out feeling. However, there is an easy way to modify the look of your outfit and that is to tie them in a knot in the middle around your belly button. Wearing your tops this way gives you a more polished look and also helps in flaunting your body shape. You can try this style while carrying your button-down shirts and oversized tees with jeans and skirts.

Update your look with a scarf

Scarf is another great accessory to pair your outfits with. It instantly adds some character and edginess to the look. The best thing about a scarf is, it can be worn in endless ways and styles. You can create a style that will go well with the look and gives your outfit the needed oomph factor. You can wear these colorful scarves in so many amazing ways such as, wear it as a headscarf, tie it around your neck as a necklace or you can also choose to wear it in bandana style.

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