Incredible hacks to turn your glossy nail paint matte

Getting a chic manicure is one of the easiest ways to amp up your style and makes yourself look more put-together in an instant. There are so many chic and cool options to choose from when it comes to a manicure, some women are more inclined towards glossy nails, and they do look quite pretty and chic, but there’s a special place in our hearts for matte nails. Matte nails look polished and chic at the same time; they can literally take your manicure game to a whole new level.

Matte nail polishes come in all colors imaginable; they can instantly level up your style game. But if you happen to run out of your matte nail polish and are in urgent need of a chic manicure, there’s still a way to get the perfect matte manicure at home. You can DIY matte nail polish at home, and there’s not one but five different ways to turn your gloss nail polish matte.

Keep on reading to know about them.


Use a clear matte top coat

If you are familiar with clear lip glosses, you must know how amazingly they turn up the shine of your lipsticks, a clear matte top coat works in a similar way. Applying a clear matte top coat makes even regular nail polishes look matte. Apart from giving your glossy nail polish a perfect matte finish, a clear matte top coat also makes your manicure more long-lasting.


Mix the nail polish with some talcum powder

Talcum powders have been coming to our use in so many ways for ages. They not only shine-proof our faces or products but can do a lot more than that. One of the easiest ways to turn your glossy nail polish matte is by mixing it with some talcum powder; you can make any glossy nail polish look matte by mixing it with some talc powder. If you don’t have talcum powder, you can also use baking powder or cornstarch. Instead of dumping the entire bottle of nail polish on a mixing palette, take a small quantity of nail polish. After that, mix polish and powder with the help of a toothpick, and then apply it on your nails using a brush for a flawless finish.


Buff your nail polish

If the above-mentioned idea seems too much of a chore to you, then you can try this method instead. Lightly buffing your nail polish is yet another great way to achieve a beautiful matte finish. However, you will have to wait for a couple of hours before buffing the polish. After ensuring the nail polish has dried completely, you can buff the surface. Just make sure that you are not buffing the top coat, and cover the entire area for an even-looking finish.


Use a powder-based blush

If you want to create pastel pink or red matte colors, then you can take the help of your powdered blushes. Take a tiny amount of white nail lacquer on a mixing palette, add some amount of talc and powdered blush to it and then mix everything with the help of a toothpick. You can apply the beautiful shade you created yourself on your nails with the help of a brush.


Steam your manicure

Once you are done applying the nail polish on your nails, instead of letting it air dry, steam it using a facial steamer. Before you place your hands over the steamer, make sure to check its heat intensity to prevent your skin from getting damaged. Steaming your nail polish while it dries will eliminate the shine factor from the polish, thereby giving your nails a soft matte finish.

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