Incredible brown eyeliner hacks to elevate your makeup game

When it comes to listing makeup kit staples, the number of products can vary from person to person based on their liking and preference, but there are a couple of products that are found in almost every woman’s makeup kit, and black eyeliner is definitely one of them. Black eyeliner has rightly gained a reputation as a makeup kit staple, just one swipe of it over the lids add so much drama and intensity to the look. While black eyeliner is certainly our go-to product when it comes to creating a dramatic look, it just doesn’t work well for subtle and natural looks. So what one should do in such a situation? It’s time we introduce you to the hero product of this article, which is none other than brown eyeliner. Although brown eyeliners are not as popular as black eyeliners, they definitely have made their place in the beauty industry and are slowly but steadily becoming makeup enthusiasts favorite. The popularity of this product can be attributed to the fact that it holds the ability to add depth and definition to the eyes without looking stark, which usually happens in the case of black eyeliner.
But the fun doesn’t end here, there’s so much more that you can do with brown eyeliner, and if you are curious to know what else you can do using brown eyeliner, take a look at the article below.

Faux freckles

Faux freckles are one of the biggest beauty trends of the year, and if you didn’t already know this, you are living under a rock. While some women are born with natural freckles, those who don’t have freckles need not feel disappointed as there’s a way you can fake them. And in order to create faux freckles, you don’t have to have excellent makeup skills or precision, all you need is brown eyeliner to do the trick. Take brown pencil eyeliner and dot it lightly across your nose and cheeks. Blend the dots in your skin to make everything look more natural, and once you are done with that, dust some loose powder across your nose and cheeks to keep faux freckles in place.

Face contouring

Who doesn’t love a chiseled and well-defined face? We are sure everybody does, and one of the best ways to achieve this look is by contouring your face. While normally we do contouring with the help of contour, if you have run out of the product or just want to pack light when traveling, you can consider using brown eyeliner as an excellent alternative or substitute. A creamy pigmented brown eyeliner would do just fine, apply it under your cheekbones, and blend the product using a makeup brush or makeup sponge, this is how you get a chiseled face in an instant.

Add definition to your brows

Your brows can make or break your look; therefore, you shouldn’t leave them in an unruly and ungroomed state for the sake of your entire look. Defining your brows using a black eyebrow pencil can make them look unnatural and stark; you should prefer using a brown eyebrow pencil as it helps the brows look more natural and softer. If you don’t own a brown eyebrow pencil, you can use brown eyeliner to do the trick. Use the brown eyeliner to create light, hair-like strokes to fill in the patch and gaps in your brows.

Make it work as an eyeshadow

If you happen to own a brown eyeliner pencil, you can totally use it as an eyeshadow. Just apply a tiny bit of creamy eyeliner pencil on your lids and blend it using a makeup brush. Adding brown eyeshadow to your lids helps to add some depth and definition to the look, and on days when you are aiming to create a no-makeup makeup look, this trick will come in super handy.

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