Hydrating products you need to add to your vanity RN!

Moisturizing is an important part of skincare routine and you better get used to the idea of applying it to every inch of your body if you want to keep signs of aging at bay. The majority of girls only put their focus on keeping their facial skin moisturized and hydrated. While we understand that it’s the most important part of a skincare routine, but the other parts of your body also require an equal amount of hydration and moisture to keep them soft and supple and also to prevent signs of aging. And for every part of your body, you supposedly need the right products that are packed with hydrating properties as well as skin healing properties. To make sure that you and your skin remain hydrated from head to toe, add these products right away to your daily routine.


Our skin is not the only part of our body that needs to be hydrated. Your hair also needs some serious hydration and the best way to give it some is by applying a good hair conditioner. Make sure to apply conditioner to your hair every time you wash it. Doing so won’t only keep your hair nourished and healthy but it will also prevent split-ends, hair fall, and breakage.

Face moisturizer

First things first, there are two kinds of moisturizers. One is meant to be applied on your facial skin only and the other one is to be applied on the rest of your body, so don’t get confused between the two and know the difference.  Regardless of your skin type, you should always apply moisturizer on your skin to keep it hydrated, soft and supple all the time. This also prevents signs of premature aging which is why you can’t take it for granted.

Lip balm

In the process of taking care of our skin, we often forget to look after our lips which are equally important to be taken care of. Chapped and cracked lips are the last thing any girl would like to witness and that’s the reason you will see most of the girls swearing by a lip balm to keep their lips hydrated and moisturized. You can apply it twice a day to keep your lips healthy and nourished all the time.

Eye cream

This is one of those products that don’t get enough credit that it deserves. The area around our eyes is the most delicate part of our facial skin and you should make no mistake when it comes to keeping your under eye well moisturized. Apart from keeping your under eye area hydrated and moisturized, it also helps in reducing dark circles and puffiness. If this doesn’t win you, then we wonder what will.

Body lotion

Just because the other parts of your body aren’t getting exposed doesn’t mean that you will start taking them for granted. Moisturizing your body is as important as moisturizing your facial skin which is why you should slather a good amount of lotion all over your body regardless of whether it can be seen or not. This product should be used all year round as it not only keeps your skin moisturized but it also helps in keeping dry and flaky skin at bay.

Hand cream

Who doesn’t love baby-soft hands? Well, we believe every girl does but due to them coming in contact with water more often than required, it gets difficult to keep your hands moisturized all the time and that’s because the constant exposure of water strips the skin of your hands from moisture which results in them looking dehydrated and rough. This is when a hand cream comes to the rescue as it provides a good amount of hydration to the skin and makes them look super soft and supple.

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