How To Take Care Of Dry Hands Caused By Too Much Hand-Washing

While washing our hands more often and using sanitizer is the way to protect ourselves against the virus and fight the virus in a better way. But, washing our hands frequently can also dry out our hands and in some even caused skin problems such as eczema.
Too much use of soap harms the natural barrier of the hands that strip off the natural oil making our hands dry. The important it is to wash our hands the more important is to take care of our hands when we’re supposed to wash them too frequently.
Here, we have gathered a few tips that will help you to treat your dry hands or to prevent your hands from drying.

Use Warm Water

Whenever you wash your hands make sure the water is warm and by warm, we didn’t mean it to be hot. Not only warm water hydrates your hands by not stripping off the natural oil but also helps in killing the bacteria. Water temperature between 140o F to 150o F is recommended by WHO for hand washing.
So, make sure you prefer washing your hands with warm water only and not with hot or cold water.

Use Mild, Fragrance-Free Soap

Harmful chemicals and added fragrance can damage the skin’s barrier and the outermost layer of the skin making your hands itchy and dry. So, make sure the soap you’re using for washing your hands should be anti-bacterial plus free from fragrance and chemicals.
The soap should have moisturizing agents to it so that it doesn’t strip off the natural oil and hydrates your hands. If you want to curb dry hands opting for a hydrating soap to have ingredients like aloe vera and honey with, of course, antibacterial ingredients too, is what we recommend to you all.

Use Creams Post-washing your hands

Remember the number of times you have to wash your hands the same number of times you have to apply a moisturizing cream. Since, hand washing is probably the only way to prevent the virus, applying a moisturizing hand cream is the only way to prevent dry hands.
Many of us skip this step, but if you’ll not treat the dry hands the problem could lead to something even more serious. If you don’t have hand cream you can even use body creams, that also works well. Vaseline jelly is also a good moisturizer and you can opt for it as well.

Use A Thick Night Moisturizer

While you’re sleeping you’ll not wash your hands and this is the best time to heal your hands and provide the dose of hydration. Prefer using a thick moisturizing cream when you’re about to sleep. This will wake you up with hydrated and nourished hands.
Besides, all of the mentioned above, this is an additional step that works really well in treating dry hands or preventing the problem of dry hands. You can also cover your hands after applying a thick moisturizer with gloves for about 20 minutes.

Apply Cream On Slightly Damp Hands

When you’re hands are slightly damp apply cream and not when they are fully dry. This is the best time to apply a hand cream and will provide extra hydration to your hands. Always keep a travel-size hand cream handy with you wherever you go along with a travel-size hand sanitizer.
Another tip would be to always use your own hand cream and not to share it with someone else.
So, these were a few tips that will help treat and prevent the problem of dry hands. We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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