How To Style A Bodycon Skirt Casually

Bought a bodycon skirt lately but confused on how to pull this timeless piece together like most of the voguish women do, well, then you’ve clicked on the right feed. Bodycon skirts are a versatile ensemble that can be styled with a good number of options. Tailored for the women who feel confident about their bodies, bodycon skirts have been warming uptrend lately or it would be more apt to say a style that never went off being a trend. The figure-hugging nature of these skirts makes it an appropriate choice for the ones who want to embrace their figure. The short hemlines, clinch through the butts, bodycon skirt helps to create a sexy silhouette.
With that sexy appeal many women especially college girls look these bodycon skirts to be a great party thing where you love to flaunt your curves and a bit of leg show. But, these skirts aren’t only meant to be worn at parties; you can even put this iconic piece during the day. Heading for lunch with your friends or meeting him the first time, raise the heat by throwing the bodycon skirt stylishly. It’s time to give your clich√© casual outfits a break and raise your style quotient a notch up even on the most casual days.
We have uncovered the most stylish ways to wear a bodycon skirt to create a quirky casual statement look each time.

Pair it up with Tee-

Graphic tees are the best option to layer it with a girly bodycon skirt. Create a tomboy chic vibe by paring your loose-fit graphic tees with bodycon skirts. You can opt for any graphic tee be it a concert tee or any other fave celebs printed on your tees. Dress the look with a pair of funky sneakers that will elevate the casual portion of this look instantly. Tie your hair in a messy bun as a finishing touch to the overall look.

Oversize Shirt-

When you are out of any style to pair with this classic skirt type, an oversize shirt is a great savior. For a casual office day, you can always flaunt your bodycon skirts. Tucked button-down oversized shirt goes really well in bringing the bodycon skirts to the work dress code ethics. And trust us you’ll feel your classic shirts more classic paired with bodycon skirts. Dress the look with your fancy heels and throw your hair in a sleek high ponytail and here you’re ready to put your stylish foot ahead even in the most hectic workdays.

Off-Shoulder Tops-

You can even pull this trendiest skirt type to be a classic cocktail dress. Building a wardrobe is not about stashing thousands of pieces but having a bunch of easy and versatile styles that can create a new look each time that’s where the concept of capsule wardrobe comes from. As summer is upon us and our calendars being jam-packed with so many parties and it’s not possible to invest in a new dress every time, right? Here, is when your DIY cocktail dress comes to rescue.
Pair the same colored off-shoulder top with your bodycon skirt to make it work as a cocktail dress. And that doesn’t restrict you to stick to this style only; you can come with really fun styles maybe playing with colors to sound a bit more fashionable and chic.

Plain Tank Tops-

One-piece that liberates you to create infinite looks without being wrong has to be a tank top. We all have a plethora of tank tops in different colors and if you don’t have you’re killing your capsule wardrobe. For a casual day out just throw a tank top and you can either tuck it or cut it from the side to create a knot around your waist. This versatile look can be carried with both heels and sneakers.

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