How to remove makeup using natural ingredients?

It is essential to remove your makeup before going to bed every night. If you do this already, then you are on your way to flawless skin. If you are not yet there, then it is time to make some additions to your routine. Removing makeup the right way can be tricky and thus, we have enlisted some of the safest and tried methods that will help you execute this in no time. Use these natural ingredients to remove your makeup the right way and make your skin feel more lively and charming!

Use milk and almond oil

One of the best ways to remove your makeup the right way would be to use those natural ingredients that are good for your body as well as your skin. The perfect ingredients that satisfy both these norms are almond oil and milk. These two have proved to be of utmost use and have given a new definition to herbal products. Milk has a lot of valuable fat and protein in it that nourishes our skin in a way nothing else can. If you use it to remove your makeup, there is nothing like it. The benefits are two-fold. Firstly, it will take off your makeup with ease and secondly, it will provide the appropriate nutrients to your skin. Just pick a cotton ball and dip it in a mixture of milk and almond oil. Dab it on your face and rub gently. This will leave your skin refreshed and nourished like never before.

Use Coconut oil

It goes without saying that coconut oil is one of the most effective ways to get the flawless skin we all crave for. If you are looking for something that will remove your makeup in no time and will also give your face muscles a boost, then this is your first and last pick. Coconut oil is the most natural ingredient ever and has no added preservatives if you go for cold-pressed coconut oil. Coconut oil has three essential fatty acids that also act as a steady moisturizer for your face. So, all those who are struggling with dry and itchy skin can take a sigh of relief because coconut oil is here. It will boost your blood circulation and also remove the makeup in a jiffy. Since this is an effortless process, coconut oil will last on your shelf for a time period more than you think.

Use Baking Soda and Honey

A mixture of these two ingredients is definitely one of the most accurate and effective skincare methods. If you are dealing with some skin problems and are worried about using chemical products, then this mixture will help you go a long way. This is because there are so many imperative ingredients in these two things that work diligently to provide the flawless skin we are all looking for. Use a mixture of these two to clean your face and rub gently on your problem areas as well. Even if you don’t want to use it for removing makeup, then you can use it to treat your acne and itchy skin as well. This mixture also acts as an exfoliator and cleanser so you can use it every other day for flawless skin.

Use cucumber juice

What could be a more natural ingredient than this one? Cucumbers are great for the skin, the body as well as the mind. Because of their water-based properties, they help us combat a lot of problems. If you are facing issues regarding dull skin, acne, irritation, and redness or even excess oil, cucumber juice will rescue you from it. It can help you face all the issues and overcome them in no time. A mixture of cucumber juice with an appropriate carrier oil like olive oil, almond oil or coconut oil has the ability to remove your makeup without much effort. It also provides the essential nutrients and makes sure you end up having a bright skin tone. You can use either the juice of a cucumber, or you can blend the cucumber into a paste, to remove makeup and brighten up your dull skin.

Take Steam and relax

If you are someone who doesn’t use any kind of products-whether it is chemical based or natural, then this is your last resort but an accurate one! Taking a steam session is not just appropriate for removing makeup but for all the other right reasons too. Steaming is a great natural way to remove makeup because it opens our pores and gets into them to melt makeup deep inside. You should take a two to three-minute seam session and then massage your face to remove the makeup. Then, you should go ahead with a cleanser or fash wash- whatever you like to genty remove every last bit. All traces of makeup, dust as well as dirt are removed with this method and you are done!

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