How to make your perfume last longer?

Don’t we all hate it how our perfume doesn’t last for a long time? It just vanishes in an hour and so and we regret buying that expensive bottle of happiness. But the truth is that paying attention to the application of every little thing we use is imperative and thus, there are some tricks as to how you should apply your fragrances. With these tricks, you will be able to pull off your fragrance for a much more extended period and smell good the entire time!

Apply vaseline first

One of the best ways to make your fragrance last longer on the body is to apply vaseline first. This trick is tested and tried one and can never fail, no matter what. A dab of vaseline before applying your perfume is a great trick and will definitely make your perfume last longer than usual. This trick is used by a lot of people. Use vaseline on your pulse points before spraying your perfume. This vaseline actually holds your fragrance on the skin probably because of the ingredients with what it is curated. This will help you every time and thus, you can spray your perfume easily on it and smell good for extended hours. Make sure you use a floral fragrance for the day and a strong one for the night.

Spray right after your shower

Perfumes are imperative and must be used for every occasion. Take this one as a golden rule that whenever you are getting ready to step out of your house, use perfume without fail. Now, another thumb rule is that as soon as you step out of your shower, you must spray your perfume immediately. This is because when you step out of the shower. your skin is fresh and full of moisture. It can easily absorb anything that is applied to it. So it is advised to spray your perfume right after you have showered. This will easily lock the scent in your skin. The moisture complements the scent of the perfume and helps it stay for a longer time. This will also prevent staining of the perfume on your clothes. Inculcate this habit and you will notice results there and then.

Spray the scent on your hairbrush

No one will tell you but this is one of the most innovative tricks ever. Perfume is not supposed to be sprayed in the underarms alone. It is sprayed near the collar bones, wrist, shoulders, and even your hair. But this is something no one will tell you. Your hair is an imperative part of your body and you must make efforts to make them smell good as well. As long as they smell good, you are fully dressed. But how to pull off this trick? Well. you must spray the perfume on the hairbrush first and then comb your hair for applying fragrance to your hair too. You should never spray directly on your hair because the alcohol substances will dry them out. This practice might make them frizzy too. So, use a scented hairbrush to pull off this trick successfully.

Mix two fragrances

This is one of the best things you can do to curate the perfect fragrance for yourself. This is definitely an art and must be done to curate the perfect fragrance for yourself. There are a lot of different scents that can be mixed together to curate one great fragrance. All you have to do is spray a few different blotters with different auras so that they come together to form one great fragrance. You should choose multiple fragrances that complement each other. Do not use something that is totally opposed to each other because then it might smell very messy. A combination of different fragrances has the potential to make you smell differently and oh-so-pretty! Spray the stronger scent first and then top it with the lighter fragrance so that the first fragrance doesn’t overpower the second.

Mix your perfume with an unscented lotion

This is a must-do trick for your perfumes. The unscented lotion is a must application before you spray your perfume because it will retain your fragrance for a much longer time. If you rub on an unscented lotion first and then apply your perfume, you will notice a lot of difference. The thing is that oily skin has the ability to retain any kind of scent for a much longer time, so you must spray an unscented lotion to create oil and moisture in the skin. Pick an oil-based moisturizer too for the best results. This trick is going to take you a long way for sure!


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