How to achieve a flawless base using your concealer

Whether you are a makeup fanatic or not, the chances of you owning a tube of concealer are pretty high, given that concealer is a makeup staple. Concealer is an indispensable part of every makeup kit; it is used by almost every other girl for various purposes. Having a tube of concealer in your makeup kit is like having half of your skin problems resolved. Be it dark circles, blemishes, acne, or pigmentation, your concealer can camouflage almost every imperfection on your face, that’s how useful this product can turn out to be. While we all know how beautifully a tube of concealer can help hide imperfections on your skin, the thing most of us are unaware of is the concealer’s versatility.


Working with a concealer might seem like an easy task, but in actual it’s not. You need to learn the right tips and tricks to ensure a flawless and even-toned finish every single time. We have got a couple of concealer tips up our sleeve that will help your makeup look flawless every single time.


Apply concealer in an inverted triangle

Applying your concealer horizontally under your eyes is one of the most common application mistakes. Although this might seem like the right way to cover your dark circles, it’s not. Using this application method to apply your concealer ends up creating a difference between your eye area and the rest of your face, which can look weird. In order to make your makeup look even-toned and flawless, you need to apply your concealer in an inverted triangle. This method won’t only help conceal your dark circles but will also provide an even-toned finish.


Use concealer after your foundation

Another common mistake most women make while working with a concealer is applying it before putting on the foundation. A concealer is supposed to be applied after foundation, doing it oppositely would mean defeating the purpose of using a concealer. Therefore, you should always start with your foundation, and once you are done applying your foundation, you can use concealer to conceal the areas that need more coverage.


Your concealer can also work as a primer

Some eyeshadows fail to look as pigmented on the lid as they look on the palette. This is where eye primers come into the picture, they help bring out the true colors of the eyeshadows and make them pop. But if you don’t have an eye primer, then you can use your concealer as a primer. As surprising as it may sound, concealers work amazingly as primers. You can apply a tiny amount of concealer on the lid, it won’t only help conceal discoloration but will also keep your eye makeup in place.


Correct mistakes with your concealer

Working with eyeliners, especially the liquid ones, is never easy. Most of us end up making mistakes while using eyeliner and redoing it every single can feel quite frustrating. You don’t have to redo the eyeliner part just because it is thick on one eye and thin on another, here’s a way to fix it using your concealer. Take some concealer on an angled brush and use it to fix your eyeliner. This won’t only correct your mistake but will also make your eyeliner look more defined.


Apply concealer in a dabbing motion

In order to ensure good coverage, it’s essential to apply concealer the right way. Rubbing your concealer definitely isn’t the best way to blend it under your eyes, this will only shift the product around. Additionally, the skin around your eyes is much delicate than the rest of your face, pulling or tugging your under eyes area while rubbing the concealer can result in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of rubbing the product, you should apply your concealer using dabbing motions. This won’t only blend the product seamlessly but will also prevent skin damage.

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