High-End Manicure Tips to Use For Hands

High-End Manicure Tips to Use For Hands

Having the best-looking hands is always a dream. A high-end manicure, although costly, is still a promising hobby to pursue! We sometimes fall short of ideas for manicures or there are days when we can’t get the result we wished out of your expensive manicure session. Don’t let your high expectations crumble down. Do you think that your manicure could get better? Do you think that a simple manicure can also give you a high-shine manicure?

Well, a professional-style manicure has many steps going into it. You would never guess how well a manicure can stay if you follow some simple steps. Here are some tips to try on!


  1. Use Cuticle Oil

Cuticle oil is a lifesaver for damaged nails. For it gives a smooth finish for the paint to glide smoothly. It is mainly supposed to provide moisturization to the nail cuticles after all the filing, shaping, and dusting has tortured the skin around the nails. With this, your fingers will look healthier and shiny with the application of oil. It is suggested to always moisturize your hands before and after a manicure so the skin doesn’t look torn.

Use Cuticle Oil

  1. Use Gloves

To maintain your beloved nails for longer, you would need some precautions put into action. For example, always cover your hands with gloves to protect the nails from more dirt and unnecessary rubbing of the hands. Because these mistakes will result in early chipping of the paint layer and drying up of the skin. Dirt will ruin your manicure from within making it get dirty too soon and getting it out would further spoil the designer manicure.

Use Gloves

  1. Get the Best Shape

The best manicure is the one that goes well with your fingers and the color that suits your skin tone the best way. Choose wisely. See what nail shape compliments your natural nail shape and the length of your fingers. This will ensure that you have the best-looking manicure all the time. Whenever you would look at your nails, you would be ready to complement yourself and your choice of, well, everything!

Get the Best Shape

  1. Minimum Coats

This tip is important when it comes to keeping your manicure on for a long time. Always do less number of coats to keep the chipping problem at bay. You see, the more coast you do, the more layers are created, and hence the layers when dried and exposed come off as chips. Do minimum paint coats over your nails but do them effectively, always, so you have rich pigment.

Top coating the nail is an important step that one must never forget because it prevents smudging of the actual paint and protects it from getting in close contact with the outside world.

Minimum Coats

  1. Hot Water

Preventing touch with hot water is for the better. Hot water makes your skin drier and your nails even more brittle. So you can now only dream about the last time you soaked your hands in hot water to relax. Also, hot water is generally suggested to people with manicures done who want to take it off. It has that effect. Soapy hot water? best for getting all your manicures off! In addition to this, your beauty will feel dry and scorched with frequent contact with hot water.

Hot Water

These tips will come in handy for getting gorgeous-looking nails. These tips are curated especially for those who want to get more out of their usual manicure session. They target the need for perfect nails that look expensive even when they are not. One has to do a lot of preparation beforehand to finally proceed with painting the nails. Whether you are getting your hands done at home or in a salon, the steps are usual, and the ingredients though range from cheap to high-end. The tips will make sure your manicure is perfect no matter what!

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