Having a bad hair day? These might be the reasons

No matter what we do or how many precautions we take, we all experience a bad hair day every once in a while, and every time it happens, we do nothing but cringe. Even though bad hair days seem inevitable, there are ways to fix them. The next time you end up having a bad hair day, you don’t have to feel disheartened or lose your confidence, just use one of the many tips and tricks to fix your hair that we are about to tell you. But before we come to that, it’s equally important to know what’s causing your hair to turn into a disaster and making it hard to manage. Once you have got that figured, you can look for an effective solution to put an end to that problem.

No matter how fancy your outfit looks and flawless your makeup appears, your unmanageable hair will bring the entire look down. If you don’t want that to happen, then you should have a couple of tips and tricks up your sleeve that will help fix the problem.

Listed below are some sneaky reasons that might be causing a bad hair day and how you can fix them.

Washing your hair frequently

Over-washing never does any good to your hair, it only brings bad news. Apart from resulting in bad hair days, it also leads to hair damage. Therefore, it’s essential to draw a line and know where to stop. Be it a hair wash or hair product, too much of something always does more harm than good, and it’s high time you understand that. If you have a habit of washing your hair more than thrice a week, then you need to stop doing that right now. You should wash your hair twice or thrice a week, depending on your hair type, and if your hair feels greasy, you can always use a dry shampoo in between washes.


Stress is not only bad for your mental health and skin; it is also harmful to your hair. Experiencing too much stress leads to hormonal imbalance, and hormone levels in fluctuating state cause some amount of damage to your locks. The best way to keep stress in check is by doing things that you love or enjoy, it can be anything like taking a relaxing bath, going on a morning walk, meditating, exercising, etc. Basically, indulge yourself in things that will bring a sense of peace to you and help relieve the stress.

Hot showers

Hot water showers can be extremely relaxing, but are they good for your hair’s health? It’s a big NO. Hot water is stripping in nature; it tends to steal natural oils from your tresses, leaving them dry and brittle. Apart from causing dryness, it also leads to frizziness and makes your hair appear flat post-drying. You should either use lukewarm or cold water to take a shower. And if you are using lukewarm water, then make sure to do the final rinse with cold water in order to seal the cuticles.

Improper diet

Your eating habits are also considered one of the root causes of bad hair days. Failing to eat a nutrient and vitamin-rich diet on a daily basis leads to several issues, including myriad hair woes. Since nutrients and vitamins are crucial for the proper functioning of the body, including your locks, it’s imperative to include nutrient and vitamin-rich foods in your daily diet. Junk foods like alcohol, sugary products, fried foods, etc. leave your hair dull and lifeless. Therefore, you must include healthy foods in your diet like certain fruits and vegetables that are loaded with essential nutrients and vitamins.

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