Handbag Tricks a Girl Must Know

We ladies just love to carry new purses every day, but sometimes we are more focused on quality than quantity. So to have the best quality, you need to have a lesser quantity. We gradually learn how quality is a money savior, as it lasts longer, although we have paid heavily in the beginning. Therefore, today we are here to help you out with a few of these expensive possessions of yours. There are points not only to help you organize your bag and make things easily accessible, but also to maintain the hygiene of the bag.

Here are Some Handbag Tricks You Must Know

1. Stain-Spray

stain spray
Whenever we use the bag, we get sweat marks, or when the rain pours, we get some marks on the pure leather bags. In order to not get those drastic marks, you can buy rain spray for the leather. There are plenty of stain-sprays that will not let your bag get dirty and prevent the leather from absorbing moisture. It is always advised to read the label before purchasing the product. It should not contain any harsh materials that will make leather clean but leave some residue on the hands. There are some natural ones as well, so you can just go for these as well.

2. Small Clutch

These are the small purses inside the big purse; they are kind of in a pouch shape. These are important to have around you; even keeping a couple of them can be done. You know how when we switch purses, we always forget to carry crucial stuff. These pouches are your savior. Always keep some of the essentials in these one or two pouches, such as napkins and a tampon, lip balm gloss, powder, etc. These are such a support for the emergency days. You can get them at any online store, as well as at the local market. Find these in a neutral tone so that you can pair them with them all.

3. Portable Bag Hooks

These hooks are small circles like a Yoyo. You can find them easily on any online store. They are super cute and have so many designs in them; you can just pick up a few of them and store them in your bag. So that when you are enjoying your breakfast or evening coffee in the outside café, you don’t have to keep your bag down on the floor using this small equipment of yours and hang your bag and place the stud on the table. You can always use these to add a few of the shopping bags so that you never leave a bag behind as they all in one place.

4. Bag Light

We all have seen this happening to us when you went to a night club and there is literally nothing visible in our handbag. There are motion lights, which is again a small round flat structure. This turns on once any motion is detected. So whenever you touch your handbag to garb sometime, this light will turn on and you will be able to find the items you require. This will ensure that your bag is not filled with darkness you have a ray of light that will guide you. You can find these easily on any online store, just type the title and you have the options.

5. Maintain Shape

You might have noticed how the sellers always keep their bags stuffs with newspapers or jute bags. There is always something in them to maintain the structure of it. So if you possess a few of the structured bags that you don’t use so often, you need to stuff them to maintain its shape. Not only those but the other ones as well. In them, you can store some of the old used t-shirts that you don’t wear anymore. If they are cotton then they are the best ones. You must wash them regularly as other clothes. They will not only secure the shape of the bag but make sure the bag has no moisture in it.

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