Footwear pieces that are trending this year-2019

There’s no such thing as having too many footwear. We just have to have them in our closet even if they aren’t worn more than once or sometimes never. Whether going to a party or to your work, an added piece of footwear can instantly elevate your look. Going with the latest fashion trends that come and go every season, there a few footwear styles that caught our attention and are trending this year. From chunky sneakers and animal print boots to square toe shoes and statement heels, there are myriad options to choose from.

We have gathered a list of some footwear styles that are quite huge this year and are here to stay for a while.

1. Statement heels

We all love making a statement with our outfits and accessories but why not with our footwear? It’s time to break the monotony and let our shoes do the talking. This year many statement heels were seen flaunting on the runways, streets and all around the world. From highly decorated ornate heels to structural heels, they all here to make a statement with their unique designing. Whether in gold, silver or any other color, you can style them in myriad ways. You don’t need to go over the top with embellishments or heel structure. A little detailing on the plain footwear especially around the heels will be enough to make them stand out from the crowd. And when it comes to structural heels, their unique heel style is what caught our attention. The heel of the shoe comes in different geometrical shapes. Such footwear can easily be carried with the simplest outfits to add some drama to the look.

2. Chunky sneakers

Here’s one of the most trending footwear pieces that was seen making its way from runways to street style fashion. These chunky sneakers are a new take on sporty chic look. Whether wearing them for comfort or to go with the trend, this piece will never disappoint you with its comfort, luxurious look and to amp your outfit. Last season white chunky sneakers were seen taking over the fashion world and they still are continuing to do so. However, bright-hued sneakers have also made their way to the list and are already standing tall on the trending list.

3. Animal print boots

And, you can never go wrong with having some animal prints in your wardrobe. Be it in the form of clothes, shoes, and accessories, having them in every possible form is a necessity. With fall just around the corner, it’s time we start updating our wardrobe with fall footwear and clothing. And when we speak of footwear there’s no better choice than animal print boots that not only offer functionality but stylish looks too. Some prints like leopard print and snake print are the most trending pieces.

4. Square toe shoes/boots

Square toe shoes are having quite a moment in the fashion world. These 90’s inspired square toe pieces are timeless classic style that is here to stay for a while. From square toe boots to square toe sandals, they come in all different styles and designs. You can wear them in many different ways with different outfits. Add them to your dull outfits to add some character to the look.

5. Florals for the fall

Floral prints are the perfect depiction of fall so why not add them in the form of some floral print shoes. Ever since they have been introduced to the fashion world, they have made quite a stir and are being loved by many celebrities and fashion bloggers for their earthy and moodier shades. From knee-high boots and ankle boots to kitten heels and sandals, they can be seen in every different form.

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