Fashion rules you do not need to abide by

There have always been some rules when it comes to fashion but how can one be creative and create something unique and pretty by following all the rules made. Some of these rules are meant to be broken so that you can get to create some outfits. Trends are changing with such a pace nowadays and to create art you need to be innovative and creative and to do so you need to break the rules. These rules are not something someone made for the generations to come, they just become one starting from some myth and then people starting following them. For example not wearing two bright colors or not mixing silver and golden.

You need to stop following rules when it comes to fashion and here you can know some of the rules that you can easily break.

Sequins are only for the night

It is a myth to think that sequin, shimmer, and aglitter are only for the night and for the time when you are going out to party. You can style shimmer and glitter at any time of the day you want to. You can wear it during the day when going out with friends or out for brunch and you can wear it when going out for a night out. You should not be bound by any rules that state that you cannot take your favorite shimmer zipper or shimmer bag with you during the day.

One should not mix different prints and patterns

Fashion gurus have always said not to mix different prints and patterns and should always look and pair the clothes in a certain manner. But with the evolution and popularity of the famous street fashion, the rules are getting blurry and people are mixing different patterns and prints. People are now creating new and stunning outfits by mixing prints together and by wearing different patterns together in the same outfit. You should try mixing some different patterns and prints and create some stunning outfits with them.

You should match your bag with your outfit

There is a rule to match your bag with something in your outfit most preferable with your footwear. People tend to apply this when they are getting ready so that it is easier for them to pair the bag with their clothes. They just go with the one that matched something from their outfit. It is okay to do so as it is easy to style but there is no problem in not matching the bag with the outfit. You can add a new color to the outfit with a bag. If you are wearing a monochromatic outfit then a different-colored bag will give the outfit a pop of color.

Not mixing dark colors

People tend to mix different tones of colors together. They would pair a darker tone with a lower tone to take a look out of it. They would either pair different colors with different tones or the same color with the same tones. They won’t pair different colors with the same tone. Such as pairing black with dark brown or navy blue. These colors look so good together and can make some pretty looks. You should not worry about this rule and should pair some dark colors together to create stylish outfits.

Long dresses and pants are not for short people

People think that only tall people should wear maxis and long pants as when worn by short people it can make them look shorter. This is not alwaystreu. You can wear maxis and pants and create an illusion of being tall by styling them in a proper manner. Having some contrast in colors, cinching the waist, wearing high-waisted pants and several tricks can make the short person look a bit taller.

Now you need not follow any of these rules and you need to focus on creating some of the amazing looks. You can wear anything and pair different prints and patterns and can even mix colors to wear what you want to. Fashion means something you feel pretty and confident in. you need to wear things that make you feel good and make you look great. There are so many styles and trends for you to try out and experiment with. Try different styles and trends as much as you can.

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