Fashion blunders many women make and how to avoid them

No matter how fancy of clothes or accessories you are wearing, but if you are not doing justice to those fancy pieces, then my dear friend, you’ve been a part of fashion blunder, which a lot of women tend to make with their personal style. Your clothes can easily be the best way to reflect your personality as well as your taste and show the best of your looks to the world, but owing to some common fashion mistakes that can easily bring any outfit down, put you into the category of fashion blunders. There are a lot of things that one should consider in order to pull off the desired look like your body shape, body type, and the look or silhouette you are trying to achieve. These never-ending fashion rules may seem a bit unnecessary or overwhelming to you, but, trust us, they are here for your good only. To avoid making fashion blunders with your style and choices, we are here to help you out. We have listed some common fashion mistakes that many women tend to make and should strictly be avoided from happening. Let’s go through a few of the examples.

Wearing ill-fitted clothes

Just because a particular outfit is looking super cute on a mannequin doesn’t mean you will look equally cute in that piece. A lot of other factors should be considered while purchasing an outfit, for example, most importantly, the right size and fit of the dress. Almost every outfit can work for you as long as it fits you right and is also in the right size. Sometimes resisting yourself from buying a piece of clothing that attracts your attention but doesn’t come in your size can be a really wise choice. Because no matter how hard you try, but the wrong size or fit of outfit won’t look flattering on you in any way. Just don’t go too tight too, loose or too small, too large with your outfits.

Revealing too much skin

We are not saying revealing your skin is a bad thing at all, but one should know how to do it tastefully so that nothing comes out too forced or intentional. Sultry and sexy looking pieces are surely one great way to achieve the desired look, but it should be done the right way to make yourself look equally classy. Some revealing outfits can cause a little discomfort for the other person, especially in a demure setting, so it’s better you dress up tastefully. Don’t wear anything too tight or short like skirt and dresses; instead, opt for tops and dresses with bareback and a gown or skirt with a leg slit, this way, you will look sexy as well as extremely classy.

Choosing wrong undergarments

Your undergarments are the most important part of your outfit. They are not just a piece of fabric but a basic necessity you certainly cannot do without. Just because they get layered under your clothes doesn’t mean it will not create any effect to your outfit or body silhouette. Sometimes, your garments are the only thing that needs to be worked upon in order to make the outfit work for you. So girls take your undergarments very seriously and save yourself from some embarrassing situations like visible panty lines that can easily be seen through sheer as well as bodycon dresses. So invest in some nice panties as well as different bras that can serve you for different purposes.

Not picking outfits as per your body type.

One of the most important factors to consider before making any purchase is to consider your body type. While we understand, with so many gorgeous and eye-catching options available in the market, it gets a little difficult to resist the urge from buying yourself an outfit that is not really meant to flatter your body type. Picking the wrong outfit will not only be a waste of money but will also give you a very unflattering look, so why to invest in one when you can have a piece that will work best for your body type and make you look simply amazing in no time. Look for pieces that will enhance your body and not the other way round.

Wearing the wrong shoe size

Much like your clothes, your shoes are also an important part of the outfit. And a lot of women tend to go wrong while picking the right pair for themselves. Shoes that are really uncomfortable to walk in can easily shake your confidence. Going for the wrong size of shoes won’t only cause you discomfort but can also bring the whole look down. If you feel your shoes are too tight or too loose for you to walk around, remember not to invest in them no matter how pretty they look.

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