Fashion articles that will make a basic tank top look uber-cool

No matter how many trends come and go throughout the season, there are always a few pieces in our wardrobe that remain irreplaceable owing to their versatility and endless uses. And when it comes to summer, while we have endless pieces that we can easily rely upon to create some breezy yet chic summer-outfits; a few pieces just manage to stand apart from the rest. And one of such pieces is a tank top that we honestly can never have enough of during summers. And going with the current trends, tank tops are having a big moment in the fashion industry. Tanks are one of the basic items to have in your wardrobe that can be styled and worn in multiple ways. From ribbed material to racer neck iterations, you can find them in so many options. And it’s relatively easier to make your tank tops look more forward and chic by making a few changes and additions to it.
If you are all about wearing tank tops this summer, then you might find this article to be of little help as we have jotted down a list of a few things that can make your tank tops looks uber-cool and chicer in no time.

Layer your necklaces

Most tank tops are deprived of any kind of fancy detailing or highlighting feature, making it a perfect blank canvas to work upon. Given their plane appearance, it’s relatively easier to make them look chicer just by adding a few layers of necklace on the top. The best way to create the most stylish look is by layering a few of your simple necklaces together and pairing it up with a bold statement necklace to add extra punch to the look. For instance, you can stack a few of your gold necklaces together and then team them up with a statement beaded necklace to do the trick.

Wide-leg pants


The simplest and easiest way to make your tank top look dressier is by wearing it with wide-leg pants. Wide-leg pants have so much potential to them and this works wonderfully for some of the most basic items in your wardrobe including tank tops. And in order to make them look expensive, all you have to do is wear them with your high-rise, wide-leg pants and you will be good to go. To give your silhouette a more flattering appearance, opt for a bodysuit and nicely tuck it inside your pants to make your outfit look polished and neat.

90s Accessories

The 90s has a huge influence on the fashion industry, even after all these years, the craze for trends from this era doesn’t seem to fade away. And when it comes to wearing tank tops, they are best worn with a few of the fashion items from the 90s. From strappy sandals to slip skirts and shoulder bags, these hallmark trends from the 90s are sure to spruce up the appearance of your tank top in the most flawless way. However, they most particularly work well with white tank tops.

Bucket hats

2020 Has been a year that has seen some of the most refreshing and brand new trends, however, there are also a few that have been around for years and bucket hat is surely one of them. This year, you can expect them to be seen in punchy colors with captivating prints that perfectly match the vibe of the summer season. Wear these bucket hats with your shorts and tank top outfit by adding a pair of sandals to complete the look.


Shorts are our go-to outfits during summer that help us to create some of the chicest and casual looks depending on how you carry them. And of all the shorts, sweatshorts and sporty drawstring shorts are a few of the trending fashion articles this season. Sport them with one of your favorite tank tops and from then, you will always find yourself repeating this outfit every few days because of its super comfy and casual yet chic appearance.

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