Facial oils that will help your skin glow in winter

The skincare routine has evolved over the years, every day we get to discover a new product or a skincare step that is essential to improve the health of the skin, and as a result of that, our skincare routine keeps getting modified. K-beauty has gained huge popularity in recent years and its popularity only continues to grow every year, aside from Korean women’s makeup routine, their skincare routine is also quite popular amongst women all across the world. Korean women are known to have clear and flawless skin, some say they are naturally blessed with such beautiful skin, and others say it’s their skincare routine that creates magic. And we personally feel that their skincare routine is filled with products and steps that are known to be extremely beneficial for the health of the skin.

Facial oils are an essential part of their skincare routine, these oils not only help to soften, nourish, and strengthen skin’s protective barrier but also help to prevent and eliminate signs of aging. Facial oils are suitable for every skin type, including oily skin. The best time to include facial oils in your skincare routine is during winters when your skin craves extra hydration and nourishment.

We have rounded up a list of some facial oils you need to include in your winter skincare routine.


Avocado oil

Avocado oil is a rich source of vitamins A, D, and E, and it is best known for helping to achieve clear and even-toned skin. Aside from delivering intense moisture to the skin, avocado oil also helps in protecting your skin from the damaging UV rays while increasing the collagen content in your body for that lit-from-within glow. Additionally, avocado oil is packed with fatty acids that help to regenerate, rebuild skin cells, and add a radiant glow to the skin.


Argan oil

Argan oil, also known as liquid gold, is one of the best facial oils to include in your skincare routine. Its incredible benefits aren’t hidden from anyone, and avocado oil is not only beneficial for your skin but your hair as well. Argan oil is loaded with omega fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleic acid that collectively help in delivering intense nourishment to the skin, which in turn, keeps the dryness at bay. Furthermore, argan oil is lightweight; it gets absorbed into the skin very easily and doesn’t make your skin feel greasy.


Rosehip oil

Unlike avocado and argan oil, rosehip oil isn’t known to many. However, its amazing benefits can leave you surprised and might even convince you to include rosehip oil in your skincare routine right away. The wonderful skin benefits of rosehip oil include moisturization, reduction or removal of wrinkles, even-toned skin, and skin brightening. Using rosehip oil regularly might also be able to help you with scars and make your skin look healthy and firm. For best results, you should apply a few drops of oil to the cleansed skin twice a day.


Hemp seed oil

Some facial oils can be comedogenic in nature, but hemp seed oil isn’t one of them. Since hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic, using it on your skin won’t clog the pores. This oil can be used by people of all skin types, including oily skin. Additionally, the hemp seed oil is packed with antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties that help in eliminating acne and prevent breakouts. Apart from applying it to your face, you can use avocado oil for your nails as well in order to make them stronger and healthier.


Marula oil

Last but not the least, marula oil is one of the best kinds of facial oils, and it is found largely in several skincare products. Marula oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, and this oil especially works incredibly well for people with acne-prone, oily, dry, and aging skin. Much like argan oil, marula oil is super lightweight; it absorbs into the skin quite easily and can also be worn under makeup.

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