Eyewear trends that will be everywhere in 2021

Every time we step into a new year, we all do it with a fresh mind and clear thoughts in order to make the year all things exciting, eventful, rewarding, and whatnot, this year should be no different. While we all have had a quite rough year in terms of pretty much everything, it’s better to not take such kind of vibe or energy forward and hit the refresh button to welcome 2021 with the newfound energy. We can’t really predict what 2021 is going to be like, but we certainly can tell you all about what’s been happening in the fashion realm and what’s to come next.

Fashion trends that are all set to make it big in 2021 are waiting to be discovered and explored. And the trends we will be discussing today have everything to do with eyewear. Unlike other fashion trends, eyewear doesn’t necessarily come in one-size-fits-all options; they are probably the most personal accessory. Eyewear comes in a wide range of shapes and styles; you can’t pick any random eyewear that looks the nicest to you and expect it to look good on you. For every face shape, there’s a suitable eyewear shape and style. Therefore, if you want your eyewear to look fabulous on you, then you should make sure to purchase a piece that is ideal for your face shape.

Eyewear trends that are expected to make it big in 2021 focus on striking the balance of timeless designs, novelty, and statement-making frames. You can take a look at the article below to find out about the eyewear trends that will be huge in 2021.

Sportier frames

Sportswear was one of the most talked-about and popular trends in 2020, specifically tennis-inspired outfits. The sportswear trend has not faded yet; you can take it forward with you to 2021. However, this time, it’s not the outfits that will lend a sporty feel to your look but your eyewear that will give your outfits a sporty touch. Look for eyewear pieces with sleek and sportier frames.

Retro round frames

Retro frames offer a nostalgic feel, and this nostalgic feel associated with retro frames will never go away. If you are into retro fashion or want to add a retro feel to your look, then you should probably stick to retro round frames when it comes to purchasing eyewear. These retro round frames underwent a makeover this year. Crystal embellishments and bright-colored lenses are some of the latest updates given to these frames.

Rectangle frames

Eyewear with rectangle frames definitely had a moment this year, and its popularity is only expected to increase in the coming months. The latest updates given to rectangle frames in the form of colors have not only made them look more fashion-forward and chic but also a mood-booster. You can spot these rectangle frames in a diverse range of bright colors in acetate material.

Angular cat-eye frame

Cat-eye frames will never get old neither will they go out of style. Cat-eye is one of the most timeless frames, you can have them for years, and they will still look relevant each time you wear them with outfits. You can expect to spot cat-eye frames in an updated version this year. The lenses have been narrowed to make the sunglasses appear more dynamic and angular.

Oversized square sunglasses

Oversized fashion articles have a separate fan base, and this oversizing element is not just limited to clothes, but you can witness it in the sunglasses department as well. Oversized square sunglasses were pretty much everywhere in 2020, and their statement-making appeal has definitely worked in their favor, hence, oversized square sunglasses will move forward with us to 2021. Consider investing in this piece in luxurious neutral tones like blacks and rich browns for an elevated look.

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