Everything you need to know about setting powder and setting spray

All the time that you spent on doing your makeup, just to see it coming off shortly after is one of the worst feelings ever. Nobody likes to see their makeup look a complete disaster, but one simple mistake can easily result in that. Almost every other product in your vanity is important in its own way. While there are a few products that you can easily consider skipping for your own good but missing out on the ones that are the key to ensuring that your makeup stays in place and lasts longer can prove to be a terrible decision. And if you have got the hint about the product in question here, then, you’re no less than a genius and seem to know pretty much everything about your makeup products. For all those who guessed it to be setting spray/setting powder, you got it right.
Setting your makeup in place is one of the most important steps to follow to keep your makeup from coming or melting off. This is one of the final steps in this entire process which adds finishing touch to your look and make it appear matte or dewy, depending on the product or look you have chosen.
Makeup is usually set using two types of products- setting powder and setting spray. And to give you a better understanding of how these two products work, we have formed a comprehensive guide for you where you can find all the information about the two of them.

When is a setting powder used?

A setting powder has easily become one of our permanent makeup products in the vanity for all good reasons. It usually comes in loose, moisture-sensitive powder form that is applied using a brush or puff on the required areas of your face. A setting powder is a must thing to have in vanities of girls with combination or oily skin as it can mattify even the shiniest area on your face without any hassle and prevent makeup from bleeding. It is either applied all over the face to absorb all the excess oil or it is used to set some particular sections of your makeup. For instance, applying a layer of setting powder over your under-eye concealer won’t only help to brighten up the area but will also prevent creating.

How to use it?

First things first, you will need the right brush to apply the setting powder on your face to make it appear seamless. You can use a soft, fluffy brush with a tapered end or large flat brush for the entire face to apply the product. Collect the powder on the brush in a swirl motion and apply it on your face in a circular motion, pay extra attention to the area around your mouth and t-zone as they are much oilier. After ensuring that the powder has set perfectly, make sure to get rid of the excess product by dusting it off to keep your makeup from looking overdone.

When is a setting spray used?

Setting spray is one of the best products to have in every girl’s vanity. It comes super handy on hot summer days as it locks your makeup for good long hours. Depending on the type of look you are trying to achieve, you can choose between a matte and dewy setting spray. Also, it’s a lot more versatile than setting powder and can be applied simultaneously with setting powder to be extra sure. It is ideal to be used by dry, oily, and combination skin types. After you’re done applying your makeup, you can spray the product on your face as a finishing touch to keep the makeup in place.

How to use it?

It’s very important to spritz the product from the right distance or else it can leave large droplets on your perfectly done makeup, making a hideous appearance. Keep a distance of at least 6 to 8 inches between the product and your face to make sure that it has been distributed evenly. Also, make sure to do it stepwise and not apply the product in haste. Start by spraying the product on the center of your face, then your forehead, and the sides of your face, and finish off by taking it to your neck. Allow the product to dry for a few minutes and you will be good to go.

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