Everyday jewelry trends that feel both trendy and timeless

Keeping up with the trends has always been a thing for all the fashion girls out there, and as much as we like to invest in trendy pieces, they don’t feel as worthy of investment as some timeless pieces do. The thing about trendy fashion items is they feel relevant only for a short span of time, and once they are out of fashion, they won’t be of any use or even serve any purpose. And this mostly happens with jewelry, it’s best to make a cheap investment rather than buying expensive trendy pieces that will eventually go out of fashion.

While to buy or not to buy trendy jewelry pieces is a personal choice, if you are looking to invest in jewelry pieces that feel both trendy and timeless, then you have come to the right place. Some jewelry pieces that once were the biggest jewelry trends have now become basics in our jewelry collection. The jewelry trends in question are not only easy to wear on a daily basis, but they also hold the ability to make your outfits look much cooler.

Ahead, we have rounded up a list of some everyday jewelry trends that deserve to be there in your jewelry box.


Pearls in any form of jewelry will make a great addition to your collection; it’s hard to beat the elegance and exquisiteness of pearl jewelry. Pearl jewelry once was a huge trend, it may not be as huge at the moment, but it certainly stayed around even after all these years, so it’s safe to say that pearl jewelry won’t disappoint, and it will always help make your outfits look more graceful and elegant.


Curb chains

A piece of jewelry as simple yet striking as curb chains can help elevate your outfits in an instant. While there are an array of chain styles that are trending at the moment, the one that is being highlighted the most is curb chains. There’s something very alluring about these curb chains, they look effortlessly stylish and help make the outfits appear more put-together and elevated. Additionally, these chains look quite expensive, even when they are not, so if you are looking for jewelry pieces that can make your outfits look expensive, then you should look no further than curb chains.


Chunky gold hoops

Gold hoops are pretty classic; they can make any outfit look all the more amazing and chic. While chunky gold hoops don’t exactly feel new or trendy right now, they still feel as cool as ever. Be it your dresses, jeans, or any other outfit, chunky gold hoops look absolutely stunning with almost everything.

Signet rings

Our love for old school trends will never die, and if you are also on the same page, then you have a chance to include one of the old school jewelry trends in your collection, which is none other than signet rings. The signet rings have this amazing ability to add a sense of elegance to the outfit as well as ring grouping. While you can choose to wear this ring on any of your fingers, fashion people enjoy wearing it on their pinky finger, which surprisingly looks quite amazing.

Initial necklaces

When it comes to adding more personality to your look, there’s no other piece of jewelry that can do this job as fantastically as initial necklaces do. Necklaces with initials look lovely and dainty at the same time; they can instantly make your outfit look much more elevated and stylish. Also, when it comes to investing in a timeless style, you should opt for a subtle piece rather than a bold one.

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