Easy Ways to Apply Falsies

Easy Ways to Apply Falsies

You all have seen the perfect eyelashes that make the eyes look more beautiful and charming. Eyelashes make your eyes pop and look amazing and thus there are so many products that are focused on them. You can see eyelash oil, cleaners, fake eyelashes, several eyelash treatments to have more volume or to have long lashes, and so on. For a quicker solution, people use fake eyelashes when they are getting ready if they cannot go for a lash lift or lash treatment. But the problem arises when you start applying them to your eyelids. There are times when you start learning how to apply eyelashes, you apply too much glue, you use the wrong technique, etc. here are some hacks that can help you with your fake lashes.


1: Use a Glue Eyeliner

This is an easy way you can apply your eyelashes without much hassle. You need to get black eyeliner and black eyelash glue. You can skip the eyeliner if you want to. The black eyelash blue will provide a bit of a black liner look but that would be a thin layer of it. After applying the glue as an eyeliner you can apply your eyelashes to the glue. Trim the excess lash and make them in the shape of your eye so that you get the perfect eyelash that looks natural and beautiful.

Use a Glue Eyeliner

2: Use Tweezers

If you have a bit of difficulty applying eyelashes with your hand you can always use some other applicators such as a simple set of tweezers. You must have a tweezer lying around in your makeup or care kit that you can use not only to pluck your extra facial hair but also to apply fack lashes. Pick the lashes with a tweezer and put it on your eyelid. Trim the excess eyelash and then after applying glue, place the lash over it. Adjust the lash with the tweezer.

Use Tweezers

3: Get an Applicator Tool

You can go for an eyelash applicator if you do not have a tweezer. This applicator is made for your fake lashes and thus the design helps in picking up the eyelashes and helping you in adjusting them properly. Prep up your eyelids, apply all the makeup you want to, and then take the lash with an applicator place it on the lash and trim the excess. Apply the glue on the lash and then apply the lash on your natural lashes with the applicator. This helps you in adjusting the lashes easily.

Get an Applicator Tool

4: Magnetic Lashes

Using glue and adjusting the lashes can be a bit tedious. You can make your task a lot easier with the help of famous and trendy magnetic eyelashes. Say bye-bye to the eyelash glue and the messy applications and say hello to easy and no-fuss lashes. These lashes stick together and thus you need to use them in a specific manner. Apply the lashes, one over and one under your natural lashes, and voila you have your lashes done.

Magnetic Lashes

5: Lash Curler

An Eyelash curler can too help you in applying lashes in a way. After trimming the lash according to your eye shade you can use the curler as the applicator and place the lash in the curler. After applying the glue over the band, apply the lash on the eyes properly. You can even curl your lashes after the lashes stick properly to your skin and make them more curler. Use some mascara over your fake lashes if you want to.

Lash Curler

These are 5 hacks of ways you can apply fake eyelashes on your natural ones and make them look more stunning. This will provide you with a great look and a nice volume to your eyelashes. You can have different types of eyelashes that you can use when you are getting at. There are simple and sweet eyelashes that can be used on regular basis and then there are heavy lashes for parties and occasions. There are long lashes for a dramatic look and there and normal lashes for a natural look. You can have a collection of them so that you get to use the ones needed for the look.


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