Easy-peasy tips to deal with skin irritation caused by a new product

Contrary to the popular belief, experiencing a tingling sensation right after using a skincare product doesn’t suggest that the product is working. Instead of complicating things, you should process everything in a simple and logical manner. The only logical explanation for this is that the product didn’t suit your skin, perhaps it was the formula or the ingredients that caused your skin to act weird and is therefore making your skin tingle.

Experiencing a tingling sensation after using a skincare product actually indicates that your skin barrier is being destroyed, and since your skin barrier is responsible for protecting your skin against harmful environmental aggressors, you cannot risk damaging your skin barrier. It’s rightly said that knowledge is power, so you should always stick to what you know and keep yourself from believing in random things, especially when it comes to your skin. While it’s not completely possible to avoid trying anything new, a patch test before using new products is definitely doable and possible. However, if your skin is acting up after using a new product even after a successful patch test, then it’s best to discontinue using it and work to reset your skin.

Listed below are a couple of useful tips that will help you to deal with skin irritation caused by a new skincare product.


Put your irritated skin on a diet

One of the best ways to deal with skin irritation caused by any product is to put your skin on a diet. A couple of ingredients in skincare products are known to be harsh for the skin and responsible for causing skin irritation such as alcohol, artificial dyes, retinol, etc. Apart from staying away from these harmful ingredients, you should also stick to using only basic skincare products such as a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. Take a short break from the rest of your skincare products to allow your skin to recover and reset.


Invest in a hypoallergenic face wash

Considering your skin is already in a bad mood, you don’t want to make things become worse by using a harsh cleaner. Since you have put your skin on diet, and it is in healing mode, you should use gentle products. And when it comes to cleansers, you should use a hypoallergenic face wash to cleanse your face. You don’t need to use any heavy-duty face wash to accelerate the healing process, let your skin’s internal mechanism do its job.


Repair your skin barrier

Skincare products that tingle on your skin also end up damaging your skin barrier that is responsible for protecting your skin against harmful environmental aggressors. There’s a way to repair your skin barrier, and for that, you will have to take the help of serums and moisturizers. Products formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and squalene are your best bet, they will help to thicken the top layers of your skin and repair the skin barrier.


Use a calming gel at night

If you don’t want to sleep with irritated skin at night, it’s essential to use a calming gel before hitting your bed. Instead of using your regular night cream, you should use a calming and cooling gel to offer some relief to your irritated skin, making it easier for you to sleep. Apart from calming the stinging sensation, a cooling gel will also offer hydration to your skin.


Observe your skin for some days

Apart from following the above-mentioned steps, you should also observe your skin closely for a few days to check if the redness and inflammation associated with your skin woe have subsided on their own or not. If you don’t see any difference, then you should probably check in with your dermatologist to find out an effective treatment. Also, don’t wait for too long for your skin to be healed on its own; things could get worse if you didn’t get the issue treated on time.

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