Easy eye makeup tips for girls who wear glasses

Have you ever been called nerdy or geeky in your life? If so, then chances are your numbered glasses played a huge part in giving you an appearance that looks intellectual and bookish even if you weren’t one. Well, that was one of the biggest advantages of wearing glasses but we have actually quite a few disadvantages to name as well. Apart from not being able to do a lot of chores without wearing glasses, it also somewhat stops you from creating your favorite eye look as you see no use of it when it is only going to be concealed with your pair of glasses. We totally feel you girl, as not being able to create your favorite eye look is disappointing but that doesn’t mean you cannot experiment with any other look.
With a few tricks up your sleeves, you can easily ace your eye makeup look even with your glasses on.

Use colored eyeliner

You might have noticed that black eyeliner doesn’t look as striking and prominent as it used to look without glasses. And that’s how it is always going to look with your glasses on which is why you should switch to colored eyeliners instead of black eyeliner to do the trick. Use colors like blue, green, burgundy as they look very prominent and arresting. Adding colors on your eyes will instantly brighten up the area and will also add some definition to your eyes.

Highlight the inner corner of your eyes

This is yet again one of the most stylish ways to make your eyes pop without making too much effort. Simply highlighting the inner corner of your eyes will do the trick. What differs here is the use of colors, instead of using regular golden or silver eyeshadow, use a bright color like pink, mint, light blue which will instantly make your eyes pop and make them look prominent. This is a great way to alleviate your makeup and add some energy to your overall look.

Create a smokey burgundy eye

While the smokey look is a great way to make your eyes pop and make them look bold and striking but for this eye makeup look, instead of creating a black smokey eye, create a smokey burgundy eye as it makes the use of a more prominent hue and adds some drama to the eyes. You can use a deep maroon or plump eyeshadow to create the look or you can also use gel eyeliner which should be blended in the outward direction to get the desired look. Just make sure that your created smokey eye looks neat and defined or else it is going to be a complete blunder.

Curl your lashes

Another thing you should keep in mind is to curl your lashes. This will not only help to make your eyes look more wide and open but it will also save you from that annoying times when your lashes constantly keep touching your glasses, making you feel frustrated. This is why you should always curl your lashes using an eyelash curler before applying mascara. If you don’t already own, then it’s time you get one for yourself.

Apply mascara on the roots

This is yet another trick that revolves around the mascara. Well, you can’t blame us, as mascara is one of the most powerful products in every girl’s vanity that can come to your rescue in so many ways. And that’s enough of praises for mascara, let’s come to the point. When you apply mascara, sometimes it gets too heavy at the tip which makes them droopy and keeps hitting your glasses. What you can do is, after you are done applying the first layer of mascara in a usual manner, for your second coat, don’t go all the way from roots to tips, instead, keep the mascara limited to your roots and make them eyes pop.

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