Dressing tips & tricks for Petite women

Every woman is beautiful no matter what color and size she is. They are all beautiful in their own way and have the right to pick any outfit and flaunt it howsoever they want it. While picking any outfit, what is important is to pay attention to details. Details like whether you have a petite or bulky body, tall or dainty; matter a lot because they decide what type of outfit you should pick. Here we are talking about petite women and their dressing style. With a little precision and understanding, petite women can create an illusion and make themselves look much more than they are. You must curate style statement looks with these tips and flaunt your aura all the way!

The 1/3rd Thumb rule

Now this one is something very scientific and logical. Although we do not put a lot of effort into applying logic when it comes to fashion, we just choose what looks best on us. But this 1/3rs rule has a logic behind it. Since petite women are short and dainty, they must use some tricks to look taller. The 1/3rd and 2/3rd rule say that petite women must never split their body clothing into half. This means that never pick streamlined tops of regular length or denim with a mid-waist length. This will split the body into half and will give proper definition to the body size. It will give clear visibility to the proportion of your body. But with 1/3rd clothing, it means that you should either pick high waist jeans or crop tops so that there is a distorted proportion. This will make you look taller.

Layering is a must

When it comes to dressing, petite women must always layer their clothing. Layering is a very convenient idea to make sure that you look voluminous. This layering style gives you an idea of how much volume you wish to add to your body. With appropriate layering, you can create cute looks that will not only give an illusion of a fuller body but also create a style statement. There are a lot of options in this regard. You can pick a regular top and layer it with a fancy stole. You can also pick a fancy blouse and layer it with your faux fur jacket or leather jacket. Anything or everything you do should have a chic style in it. Pair your layered outfit with bright footwear for great looks.

Midi dresses are not for you

Dresses are a staple outfit for all of us and we love wearing them. The thing about dresses is that they can be worn on any occasion and when we say any, we mean it. You can conveniently wear them to your workplace, your meetings, shopping spree, casual brunch, vacations, and even beach holidays. Dresses of every length are a great pick- short, maxi and midi. But sometimes it is important to pay attention to what looks good on you and what doesn’t. You don’t want to come out in a flop outfit. Midi dresses stop midway near the calf muscles and make petite women look even shorter. This style is not meant for you so you should avoid picking it. Instead, pick short dresses where you can flaunt your legs and look taller. You can also pick maxi dresses and wear your heels along.

Pick Monochromes

A monochrome outfit is one of the most loved outfits ever. It has style, oomph and the potential to make you look gorgeous everywhere. If you have nothing else to wear, just pick your monochrome outfit and set out to conquer the world. Outfits with a different colored top and bottom are also great choices but they can sometimes not suit the event you are going to. On the other hand, monochrome outfits look flattering always and can be a great choice for every event. You don’t have to pay much attention to their styling because they are quite self-sufficient. Pick them in any color you want and they will become your best friends!

Pick Vertical stripes, ALWAYS!

Stripes are another loved outfit in the fashion line and there is no doubt about it. They have a lot of precision and appeal within. If you look at stripes, you will know that they don’t need much accessorizing because of such a flattering design. They can be worn on any occasion in the form of a dress, a formal shirt, shorts, and skirts as well. For petite women, it is advised to pick vertical stripes always, as a matter of rule! This is because horizontal stripes will make you look broader and shorter. This is something you definitely do not want. So, pick vertical stripes for your trousers and dresses always for a great look.

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