Dresses for the hourglass body type

Hourglass body type is the perfect body type for every woman. Talking about the body type, it is basically when a woman has the same area at the bust and hip area and has a narrow waist. It is basically a fantasy body type for every female out there. If you also have some curves to flaunt and you are blessed with the hourglass body type, then we are providing some of the dresses that will certainly suit your body type.

When you are choosing a dress for the hourglass body type, then you must keep a few things in mind. The first thing that you should make sure about is that you should not go for bulky and boxy looks. And also, you must opt for the lighter fabrics only. Thus, these are some of the dresses you must go for if you have an hourglass body type.


Bodycon Dresses

Bodycon dresses are the ideal way to enhance your curves, especially when it comes to women with hourglass bodies. The bodycon dresses offer a tight hug kind of stretch and that definitely feels like a second skin over the body. Also, these dresses are giving you an elongated and sophisticated appearance. Moreover, if you are blessed with a flat stomach, you’re totally going to hit the jackpot with this most elegant outfit. This dress basically has a figure-hugging fabric which makes it perfect for every female with an hourglass body. You can certainly go for this dress if you are looking for something really seductive.



To give that perfect volume to the lower half of the body, a woman with an hourglass body can opt for the jumpsuits. Also, these jumpsuits enhance and stress your curves. Moreover, jumpsuits are one of the most ideal outfits for the hourglass body and you will definitely love how influenced your curves will look. Moreover, you can add a jumpsuit to your wardrobe, and style this outfit whenever you like. For example, you can make sure that you are styling it on the streets or if you have some glittery jumpsuit, you can style for a wedding as well. You can obviously style however you like.


Wrap Dress

A wrap dress, obviously very much ideal for the hourglass body type. It is a perfect dress in which you can wrap one side of the dress to the other. This wrapping process basically improvises a focal point to the waist. And this is the fact that it makes your body look even more enhanced and perfect. The wrap dress basically hugs the body of the wearer and makes the curves look perfect. Also, there are many options for example as it is a wrap dress. It is basically a look-alike of the dress but has no wrapping option. You can go for either option.


Sheath dress

These dresses are particularly known as sheath dresses because of the fact that it covers the body like a sheath of the sword. As we all know that these tight-fitted dresses make the wearer uncomfortable, hence sheath dress generally comes with a slit. The sheath dress enhances your curves, and is especially effective for the hourglass body types, with slim waistlines, wide hips, and bust areas. Sheath dresses come in several designs of different cuts, and lengths. The variety in the Necklines can be really huge which is it is available from v-neck to halter. Also, sheath dresses are most often sleeveless, but can also be seen in long sleeves, half sleeves, short sleeves, or cap sleeves.


Fit and flare dress

Pretty similar to an A-line dress, this dress complements the hourglass body shape. As the name suggests this dress has a fitted top and flared skirt. It is perfect for the proportionally shaped hips and that makes it ideal for the hourglass body shape. Moreover, it creates the illusion of the perfect waistline and this is the reason why fit and flare is a winner of this list.

These were some of the dresses that suit the hourglass body type. All the dresses are perfect for those who want to enhance their curves and also want to go for something different every day. Hence, you can go for these Dresses for the hourglass body type, if you are looking for some. Also, these are some of the dresses that will ease your problem of how to dress an hourglass figure.

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