Dress trends that are too good not to have in your wardrobe

Although trends have a huge influence on our wardrobe and personal style, sticking to them all the time is probably not the wisest thing to do. After all, for how long does a certain trend tend to stick around? One minute they are all the rage and the other minute they get replaced by another new trend, that’s how the cycle works. Buying or not buying trending articles is completely a personal choice, but having a few classics is always the best investment, and they certainly make up for the wardrobe staples, as well as your capsule wardrobe. However, it never hurts to buy pieces that you know will probably withstand the test of time and keep up with you for years to come. Classics are classics for a reason, and there’s nothing that can replace them, however, other than these selected pieces, there are several other clothing articles that deserve your attention, and dresses are certainly one of them. And when it comes to investing in trending dresses, it might not sound the best deal to some; however, given the fact that the dress trends in question here are equal parts trendy and also not trendy, makes things a tad bit interesting. And if you are ready to take the plunge just like we are, make sure to check out some of the best dress trends below that are too good not to have in your wardrobe.

Open-back dress

When it comes to dresses, nothing can look as chic and summery as an open back dress. It is one of the best dress trends to have in your wardrobe. Other than looking supremely breezy and sexy, this is an excellent option to wear on days when you are looking to make a statement with your outfit. It is a simple yet stylish piece that can be styled in a multitude of ways. From a casual brunch to an evening dinner, an open-back dress can do it all.

Tie-dye dress

Tie-dye trend popped up earlier this year, it originally started as an at-home DIY activity, and it didn’t take long enough for the fashion designers to come up with their own tie-dye collection and use this mood-lifting print for the dresses. You can find these tie-dye dresses in an array of options, featuring different details and use of colors.

Halter dress

Whether it’s a normal, casual outing with your friends or heading to a formal event, a halter dress is one of those styles you can never go wrong with. It certainly has a very edgy and voguish feel to it, which feels very current and flattering at the same time. If you happen to already own a halter dress, it’s time you dig it out from your closet or purchase a new one from the store.

Smocked dress

Dresses featuring a smocked effect are the current talk of the town. It also happens to be very on-trend this season, which looks equal parts chic and fashion-forward. The smocked effect not only looks very cool, but it also looks very flattering, and you can easily find these dresses in a myriad of options. Also, the ‘more is more’ approach is being used in the designing of these dresses.


The puff-sleeve trend has been doing rounds for quite a while now; it is definitely having a moment in the fashion industry. While earlier it was being used for the tops, now you can spot these puff sleeves in dresses as well. And the best way to get this look right and make it look bomb is in the form of mini dresses.

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