Do’s and Don’t’s of Makeup Vanity Box

Do’s and Don’t’s of Makeup Vanity Box

Makeup is a great hobby and many of us love to decorate our space with its excesses. We drown ourselves in its passion and the glimmer it brings with its presence. It has an undying excitement. Having your own vanity feels like a blessing! You can decorate and organize your stuff as you wish to do. Collect as many items and keep hygiene in check too.

What things should you take care of to have a to-the-point makeup vanity box? How can you have the perfect makeup vanity that suits your needs? There are some tips that might be helpful for you in this direction.

  1. Yes to Hygiene Products

Keeping your makeup clean is a prerequisite. It will ensure that you have no infections as you use your products with love and care. It will make sure that you don’t get a pimple right before a much-awaited outing. Keep wipes, tissues, cotton pads, cotton bulbs, q-tips, rough cloth, makeup remover, etc. at your beck and call. So whenever you need to clean your space or clear a mistake, you can do that with freedom and exactly when you need it.

Yes to Hygiene Products

  1. Yes to Categorizing

Making categories of your makeup products makes a lot of sense because then you will know what is kept where and where you will find the perfect pout! Make drawer spaces in your makeup vanity that would be designated spaces for each one of your categories. Mostly, our makeup items have categories within categories (eyeliner, kohl, liquid eyeshadow, pressed eyeshadow, mascara, etc.) with a lot of skincare products playing important roles in maintaining the makeup on the face like lip balms, oils, and moisturizers.

Yes to Categorizing

  1. Yes to Cleaning Products

If you are not cleaning your products often, you are putting all of your makeup products at risk of infection. This contamination will give you bumpy skin every time you get ready to head somewhere and wonder why your skin turned out so bad. So it can be rightly said that one must take care of hygiene when maintaining a vanity box. Have tissues, wipes, chemical removers, towels, and light soaps with you so you clean your sponges, brushes, and palettes whenever you need to.

Yes to Cleaning Products

  1. No Cluttering!

No cluttering means no hoarding. Do not keep things close to you that you will ever need. Do not keep a track of things that will bear you no result. Making clutter would make things difficult for you while you are getting ready and you will not find your things in time because whatever you might be looking for would be drowned deep in the dungeons of wanted products. Choose the right and most suitable products with high utility value.

No to Cluttering

  1. Not Using Expired Products / Others

We strongly recommend not to go for expired products just because they are top quality or you have fallen hard for them. We understand that many makeup lines discontinue making certain products that we might depend on heavily. But it is never good to continue applying products that you should never. Take that product out of your makeup vanity. Let it go. Keep the case as a souvenir if you like and don’t feel overwhelmed.

Not Using Expired Products / Others

A makeup vanity, above all, has to be clean and tidy. So when you sit to get ready, you will be able to find things easily and everything will become more accessible to your needs and wants. Keep your favorite beauty products closest to you so you can know what things are necessary and dependable. Thereafter you can let yourself be comfortable around your makeup vanity too. You can enjoy a great makeup session with these tips put into action. Have happy makeup sessions with your besties!

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