DIY Hacks To Revive Your Old Clothing

Tired of seeing those old pieces in your wardrobe that were once your best outfits? Well, it’s time to give those duds a life. We all buy a lot of apparel and accessories that end up biting the dust on our wardrobe shelf. Perhaps because that particular fashion is outdated or we don’t like the style anymore or just can’t pull it off the right way. What if we tell you that you can revive all those old pieces of clothing and give a makeover to your wardrobe? Half of the fashion world is undiscovered and there is a lot of experimentation awaiting. If you have the zeal to explore your creative side, then this block is for you. Pick all those old outfits and get ready to add some newbies to your closet with our ultimate hacks. Read on to find how you can revive your old clothing in the best possible way-

Add a dramatic logo to a basic tee

If you love wearing t-shirts and have plenty of them in every possible color, it’s time to give them a makeover. A basic tee either in plain solid colors or stripes looks really nice if paired with the right trousers. To give a complete makeover to the tee, look for a nice dramatic logo that you can stitch in the front. Such logos are available in craft shops in colorful designs and patterns. It can be anything like bold lips, piece of a doughnut, flowers, cartoon characters. These are available in all sizes and colors which you can pick and stitch as a DIY. This will not only add a personal touch to the outfit but also look very cool.

Embellish your denim

Our love for denim never grows old even if the denim does. To revive your old denim and make it look like a part of the latest trends, you can do a lot of things. Add embellishments to your denim like pearls, beads, studs, or boho buttons. Any pair of denim can look new if they are adorned with some cleverly picked options. You can easily choose some crafty pieces and stitch them yourself. It not only looks unique but also looks trendy as ever. A pair of denim has the potential to make you look smart and hippy. This DIY hack is very easy to execute and in a couple of minutes, you’ll have a new pair of jeans! Voila!

Turn your jeans into shorts

All of us have already done this at some point in our lives. Trimming our denim to turn them into shorts is the oldest trick in the book. This can be done for all those trousers and pants that are either worn out or have faded away. Since shorts are a very casual wardrobe pick, it won’t matter if you wear them faded or worn out. Instead, they look even more chic style like this and cast a great impression. You can even turn them into distressed shorts but taking a cutter and sliding off the brim to create a rugged look. This is one of the easiest ways to refresh your closet from old apparel.

Let Lace do the talking!

Tired of wearing those shorts or your old dress repeatedly the same way? Then we must tell you that lace can do wonders to turn every outfit of yours into a fab outfit. Lace has always been in demand and adds a feminine touch to every outfit. You can easily pick a piece of lace and add it to the hem of your shorts or our old dress. You can even add it to the cuffs of your shirt and give a new life to their old design. A lace neckline also looks super sexy. Just run through your thought process and you will uncover a lot of new ideas. Lace trimmings will never go out of style so sew them into your old pieces for a classy appearance.

Add peppy pockets to your tshirts

Tshirts are a very elegant and sophisticated wardrobe staple. They can be worn to a business meeting or for a casual lunch date. They have the capacity to make you look at the highest level of classy. What if we tell you that you can add a dramatic touch to your old tshirt? Pick a nice crafty pocket design and stitch it right in the front. For instance, if you have a striped tshirt in sky blue color, pick a contrast piece of clothing and stitch it as a pocket design. You can go for Aztec patterns or neon prints. There are some really kitschy fabrics that make the outfit look extraordinary. Such quirky patterns add life to the outfit so you should definitely go for it!

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