Ditching these shoes this coming season

Everyone knows that trends can change in the blink of an eye. If you want to look up to date and want to style your outfits to make them look stylish then you need to have proper knowledge about what is in style and what is not, because if you wear something that is no more in style or no more trending, your outfit can look outdated. This goes for your clothes, your accessories such as hair accessories, jewelry, handbags, and also your footwear. People notice your footwear more often than you think and it is important to wear the ones that are in fashion if you do not want to look out of style or outdated.

Here are some of the footwear you need to ditch this coming season so that you can create some fashionable outfits.
1: Chunky boots

Chunky boots had their time of fame and people used to wear them a lot. These boots were once paired with any and every kind of outfit say it be a dress, trouser, sweatpants and hoodies, shorts, pieces of denim, casual outfits, flowy dresses, and many other clothes. They were the boots everyone bought and styled. Now they are not that much in trend and are not worn that often. Instead of these chunky boots, you should go for some clean sneakers. These sneakers too can be paired with a lot of outfits and look great.
2: Flip Flops

Let’s say goodbye to the plain old flip-flops. These are no doubt comfortable to wear and move around in but if you are looking for some footwear that can be paired to even make the casual loungewear look cute and trendy then they are not the footwear to go to. You can replace these flip flops with some amazing and stylish slide sandals that you can wear when you are at your place and even outdoors performing the daily chores and activities. Slide sandals are trending nowadays and you should get some for yourself.
3: Gladiator sandals

Gladiator sandals are out of fashion and you should too ditch them and get them out of your wardrobe. These sandals had their time and now they are just not in trend right now. These were once famous and worn a lot but they do not go with the recent styles and trends and thus lost their charm. These sandals would go up till the ankle or even the knees. Instead of these gladiator sandals, you can get some naked sandals or any other heels.
4: Peep-toe heels

Do you remember the time when you used to style these peep-toe heels where one or two of your toes were visible and the rest were hidden? They used to look cute for some time now is the time to change them and get something new and better. With changing designs you need to look for something that suits the clothes trending nowadays and the styles and aesthetics. You need to say bye to these heels and say hello to some chic and trendy heels.
5: Flatforms

Flatforms as the name suggest as the shoes or sandals where the sole of the shoes is thick upto an inch or two provides additional height to the person wearing them. They have usually strapped sandals with some height. With the introduction of some amazing platform heels and boots, these are now forgotten. You should ditch them and not pair them up with any of your outfits this upcoming season. Instead of these, you can go for some platform or even just mules or boots.

Get these shoes out of your wardrobe and replace them with some of the in-vogue shoes and heels. There are so many footwears that you can add to your wardrobe which you can then use to enhance your outfits. Get creative and make some amazing outfits with new shoes. With time trends change and here as well they changed. Toss the shoes mentioned above in the list out of your wardrobe and say goodbye to them. Get some new and trendy shoes that are in style and get some classic ones that never go out of style.

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