Creating a dark academia wardrobe

Before creating a dark academia-themed wardrobe let’s make it clear what exactly is this aesthetic. This aesthetic focuses on neutrals. This aesthetic beautifies the college outfits worn by students such as sweaters, plaid trousers, and many more. Dark academia is very popular nowadays and the youth is creating these beautiful looks. This aesthetic is more popular in the winter season as the clothing items worn in dark academia are mostly warm clothes. You can think of a youngster studying in some cold countries like Scotland or maybe London.

If you are curious about this way of styling and want to try out this aesthetic then look at the list provided to know what is a must in a dark academia wardrobe. Some of them are pretty basic items that might already be in your wardrobe.



Turtlenecks are sweaters that have a long neck that is usually folded or rolled. They are a staple in this aesthetic. Turtlenecks are warm and cozy and are ideal for cold weather thus being essential in this style. You can style them with a skirt or a trouser and can also layer clothes over it. This gives the whole look a studious vibe thus fulfilling its purpose. While buying one. make sure to select the ones that are in some neutral or earthy shades such as black, white, beige, shades of brown, and others. These hues are the prominent shades used in dark academia wardrobes.


Plaid Dresses

Do you know that dark academia is all about layering different clothes over on another and making a cozy and pleasing? Any sort of clothing item made of plaid material is a must in this aesthetic. So how can we miss the more important one, plaid dresses? Plaid dressed create a cozy and academic look that serves the idea. You can layer a plaid dress with your favorite button-up or a turtle neck. Plaid dresses over a turtleneck look absolutely stunning. Pair them with some boots and voila your look is complete.


Knit sweaters

Dark academia is associated with fall and winters and sweaters are that one thing that is a must in winters. Sweaters are a basic necessity of winters and thus became a major part of this aesthetic. You can get yourself some sweaters in neutral tones and layer them up over a button-up or a turtleneck. You can even layer it over a dress and accessories it accordingly. Get yourself some knit sweaters and style them the way you want.



Trousers make you look chic and scholarly. This is the reason they are one of the main lower-body clothing items in this wardrobe. They are perfect for any weather. You can wear some cotton trousers in the summers and trousers made with thick, warm material in winters. Trousers are the basic element of both summer and winter wardrobe in this aesthetic. You can get trousers of neutral shades or even plaid ones.



Now you know that this aesthetic is all about the scholarly look and because of that the focus is more on classic shoes such as Mary Janes, Doc Martens, Oxfords, and many more. they represent the dark academia aesthetic perfectly. Pair them up with some long knee-length socks, polish them, and bingo you got yourself the professional, scholarly look you are looking for.



It is important to accessories any look and makes it more stunning than it already is. You can easily use some leather belts or some pendants to accessories the dark academia look. Leather belts go perfectly with this aesthetic as it matches the neutral tones used here. Gold chains create a sophisticated look and compliment the tones and shades that are prominent in this aesthetic.

You can easily create a dark academia look if you want to use these clothing items. There is so much present in this aesthetic. You can look for interior or books or movies related to this academia and learn so much from it. You need not spend a large amount of money while trying to create this look. Some of the elements used in this are easily available at a reasonable price and some clothes might already be in your wardrobe. You can always thrift or look for new ones online or in stores near you. Enjoy creating this look!

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