Create an attractive silhouette with these gorgeous skirts

Just like jeans, skirts are also a staple wardrobe pick for many women out there. The reason behind this choice is that skirts are actually very comfortable and add to the style quotient too. They can be paired with anything like your blouses, buttoned-down shirts, crop tops, and even longline shrugs. So, you don’t even have to put in much effort to style a skirt. Check out these gorgeous styles and add them to your collection!

Box Pleated Skirt

As the name suggests, a box-pleated skirt is one of the most unique styles in skirts. It has a unique charm to it and if you look at it, you are going to love it for all the right reasons. As the name suggests, a box pleated skirt is pleated from all the sides and these pleats are not even regular pleats. Regular pleats are straight and mainstream but box pleats instill a more voluminous look in your outfit. This is because box pleats look like a square pleat and these are surrounded all around the waist. Because of this feature, this skirt looks more formal and elegant than the rest of the skirts. It can be worn for your formal outings as well as business meetings. Pair it up with a formal shirt or a fancy blouse according to the occasion you are going to. Color is no bar here so this one is definitely an apt choice. It is sure to flatter everyone around you!

A Belted Long skirt

Another flattering skirt in the entire fashion line is this belted skirt and why! The reason why this one has gained so much importance is probably because of the belted factor. Adding a sleek belt or a wide belt to your outfit is one of the best ways to add dimension to the entire look. This actually looks like you have differentiated between your body parts. This style is definitely a stylish one and if you are up for it, we have countless options. Belts are not just meant for the jeans and trousers anymore. Instead, they are being used for a lot of other outfits like tunics, dresses, sweaters, and skirts as well. The trick is to simply add a belt to your waistline just at the border of the skirt and make it look stunning. A solid plain skirt can also look pretty with this accessory. You can choose contrast colored belts for the ultimate look.

Satin-smooth skirt

Just like the name goes, this satin-smooth skirt is everything you are looking for your next cocktail party. It adds to the overall vibe and is one of the perfect pieces that you can pick for yourself. Every evening party or a cocktail night calls for possibly the shiniest and the most flashy outfit because it is always good to outshine in a crowd full of people. But if you do not like too much sequin and flashiness, then this satin-smooth skirt will solve all your purposes. It can be a great pick to be paired with your regular blouses and if you pair them with a long coat, then there is nothing like it. A satin finish skirt is just the most appropriate amount of shine any kind of attire can have. It looks elegant and does not come out as too much in the face.

A mini Tartan skirt

Wish to create that old-school vibe yet again? Well, then this tartan skirt will be your ultimate getaway! This tartan skirt has aced all factors of feminity and charm because it has that unique vibe to it. With a bishop inspired checkered pattern and pleats, this skirt has been a staple pick since the olden days. If you are willing to curate this look for yourself, there is nothing like it. This one is guaranteed to turn heads around because of the sole reason that the check pattern is just so pretty!! A tartan skirt in any color, matched with a pretty button-down plain shirt and a pair of elegant heels is literally the most interesting twist to any of your looks.

A zipper skirt

One of the most chic-style inspired outfits for every girl is this zipper skirt that is the perfect pick for your concert outings as well as casual dates when you want to look sassy. It adds to the cool vibe of your personality and brings out the badass girl in you. Just like a biker jacket, this zipper skirt has a unique appeal to it and has the potential to impress anyone out there. With a zipper skirt, you can pair your sneakers and make this look a little tomboyish. Pick this one in black color and curate the most gorgeous attire. Pair a jacket along with it and say no more!

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