Color corrector or concealer – which is better?

The best trick to hide those dark circles – Conceal! But what if we say that there are other options that you can use to hide those dark circles, pimple marks, acne, and blemishes as well. This option is basically known as the color-corrector. The most important thing is that there is a huge difference between color-corrector and concealer. And that is why it is significant to know the difference and to get more knowledge about the correctors and concealers.

We all battle daily to get blemish and spots free skin. And the combination of color-corrector and concealer gives you the glow you always wanted. These two are the most important makeup products to hide the imperfections on your face and that is why these products are the best for the perfect base. Hence, here is the comparison between the two best products for the perfect base for your makeup.


What is Concealer?

The cosmetic product that hides the imperfections of your skin is basically known as the concealer. They can hide dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections very efficiently and that is why it is the most bought makeup product these days. It is subsequently similar to the foundation as it gives a uniform color to the skin and makes the skin appear a little better and glowing if compared to no concealer applied. You can use concealer alone or you can use it with foundation as well.

There are many shades available when it comes to using concealers. The shades are available according to many skin tones and also are somewhat lighter than the actual skin tone. That is the reason why it is used for concealing the spots. Concealers are also very highly pigmented and that is the reason why it is the perfect way to hide the imperfections. And if we talk about consistency, the concealers are thick in consistency.

These concealers are also meant to highlight and brighten the under eyes skin. But here is the disadvantage of using concealer without a color corrector. When it comes to using the concealer, sometimes it is definitely not easy to hide the blemishes. That is the reason why you must use the color corrector with the concealer and foundation. It is definitely very significant to use the concealer with a color corrector.


What is a color corrector?

Color correctors or simply correctors have the same usage as concealers. They are also used to make sure that the imperfections on your skin are properly concealed. But the catch here is, color correctors are more effective than concealers. Why? Because they are specially made to conceal the particular parts and are also made according to the undertones of the skin. These color correctors are available in various shades such as yellow, lavender, orange, red, pink, peach, and green as well.

All the shades of color correctors have different functions and that includes concealing the extreme under-eye dark circles, and that is done by the orange or red color corrector. Also, the yellow color corrector is used for hyperpigmentation. Moreover, if you have redness on your skin then the green color corrector comes into the usage. These color correctors are used to conceal skin imperfections and along with that, they neutralize the discoloration of the skin.

We all know the skin tone of the under eyes is not always the same, and it is very crucial to know this fact. It certainly depends upon the diet, sleep, and other health factors that make our under eyes dark. And that is the reason why it is important to keep on experimenting with the color-correcting pallets and check what color corrector suits the undertones the most.

A concealer is a beauty item that is used to cover up imperfections on your skin while a color corrector is a product that uses the colors to neutralize skin discoloration. The main difference between concealer and corrector is that concealers are just one or two shades lighter than skin tone while correctors come in a variety of colors such as green, peach, lavender, etc.

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