Cocktail attire for women: The dos and don’ts to follow

One should always dress for themselves and not for others, while this is a good approach to use for your everyday outfits; some occasions like cocktails expect the attendees to be dressed appropriately by following the dress code. Dress codes are there for a purpose, not following the dress code just doesn’t feel appropriate. It is one of those topics in the fashion world that not many people like to speak about or even discuss. When it comes to dressing for formal occasions like these, the acceptable options are quite limited.
Whether you believe it or not, there are certain rules one should follow when it comes to dressing for a cocktail. While some rules are pretty obvious, some might leave you a bit surprised. If you have a cocktail party to attend or just want to get educated about how to get dressed for formal events like these in an appropriate way, you can use this article as a guide. We have put together a list of some dos and don’ts of cocktail attire every woman should follow.

Don’t: Don revealing outfits
Do: Wear appropriate necklines and hemlines

First things first, when it comes to selecting an outfit for the cocktail, aside from paying attention to the style of the outfit, you should be extra considerate of necklines and hemlines. Wearing anything that feels too revealing will draw unnecessary attention, and that’s the kind of attention you most definitely won’t like. And since you are attending a cocktail party and not just a girls’ night out, it’s best to dress a bit modestly and wear clothing pieces with appropriate necklines and hemlines.

Don’t: Opt for jeans
Do: Stick to sleek trousers


While it might seem a good idea to pair your jeans with a fancy blouse for the cocktail, you just cannot take any risk of being underdressed. We are in no way suggesting that you should wear dresses in order to look dressier, the trick is to opt for something that looks more polished and occasion-appropriate, and sleek trousers definitely are your best bet. Trousers add a sense of sophistication to the look, and you can easily find them in so many chic options.

Don’t: Opt for an oversize bag
Do: Carry a small clutch


It’s not that you are heading out to run some errands, formal events require formal pieces, and oversize bags definitely don’t feel as formal as clutches or mini bags. Whether you’re wearing a dress, trousers, or anything else, carrying a nice clutch will add a sense of elegance and refinement to the look. Clutches come in a whole range of styles; you can opt for the one that will get along well with every kind of outfit.

Don’t: Overaccessorize your outfit
Do: Wear a statement accessory

In order to make yourself stand out from the crowd, it’s not essential to wear too many statement accessories at once just to make an impression, honestly, that will be too much. You can easily make a powerful statement with your look by donning just one statement accessory. It can be any kind of accessory, the trick is to wear something that will give your outfit a needed boost and will also make you stand out.

Don’t: Sport sneakers
Do: Wear heels

Sneakers are most definitely not the right footwear choice for events like cocktail parties. They are too casual to be sported with your outfit, no matter how expensive your sneakers might be. Heels should always be your first preference, and you don’t necessarily have to go with stilettos or high heels; kitten heels and block heels are mere comfortable options. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable wearing any kind of heel, you can stick to a fancy pair of flats, just don’t wear sneakers.

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