Clothes you can steal from your boyfriend’s wardrobe

We girls are a big fan of comfy clothes. While girls clothing come with their own share of comfort level and styles but nothing can beat the comfiness of your boyfriend’s clothing pieces. Whether you have run out of your clothes or just feel like dressing up in your boyfriend’s clothes to feel all comfy yet stylish, you can find so many pieces in his wardrobe to dress up in. And if you are thinking that wearing such clothes won’t really agree with the current fashion trends then you need not to worry as the fashion world is revolutionizing like crazy and there’s no such thing that has not been in trend for once.

To enlighten you about them, we have formed a list of 5 clothing pieces that you can wear like a pro and make your day feel as relaxing as your clothes.

Button-down shirt

How about an oversized button-down shirt? Sounds cool right? Well, all the girls can easily find this clothing piece in their boyfriend’s wardrobe. And you won’t believe but this one piece can be styled in so many amazing ways, which will give you one solid reason to keep this piece with yourself for a really long time. Whether you choose to wear it as a dress or layering it over your jeans/shorts and top, you will never be left disappointed with how amazing this whole look will turn out to be. If you are wearing it as a dress, pick a fancy belt to cinch around your waist. It will add some definition and element to your outfit. And for a casual look, wear it over a tank top and leave all the buttons open, roll the sleeves up a bit and you will be good to go.


Oversized sweatshirt is another great example of a comfy and cozy clothing piece. For days, when it’s too cold to step out in your summer tops or just in case you have got bored of wearing your own sweatshirts, you can simply slip into one of his coolest sweatshirts. Team it up with a denim shorts or distressed jeans. To give it an extra girly effect, pair it up with a sequined or floral skirt and you can also choose to wear it with black leggings.


All the guys are a huge t-shirt junkie; there must be very rare chances of your boyfriend not having a number of t-shirts in his wardrobe. If you have been eyeing a specific pair of t-shirt in his collection, this is the time to steal that piece from him and wear it with your favorite pair of bottoms such as shorts, skirts, leggings, jeans and anything you like. You can choose to keep it the way it is or you can also choose to tuck it inside your bottom. Another great way is to tie the front of your t-shirt into a knot which usually ends above your waistline. No matter, what style you are going for, adding some chunky piece of jewelry will definitely add some oomph to this casual outfit.


Ever heard of boyfriend jeans? This is where the whole concept of boyfriend jeans comes from. These loose, baggy jeans style today is one of the hottest fashion trends to follow. It looks very chic and stylish, no matter what you are teaming it up with. Form-fitting tank tops, t-shirts, blouses look incredibly amazing with this jean style. You can add extra edge to the look by tying a big belt on your waist to hold the piece. Finish off the look by wearing white sneakers with it.


Much like any other pieces, jackets also tend to be little baggy and oversized. But there’s always a way to style them and make yourself look very stylish and flattering. You can easily wear his jackets over the combination of jeans and top by rolling the sleeves a bit or tugging it upwards till your elbow. Or wear it cape style over your form-fitted dresses such as bodycon ones to create an effortlessly stylish look.

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