Chic ways To Tie A Scarf

Scarves are always a great help especially on the times when you don’t want to put in much efforts and instantly elevate the look. No wardrobe is complete without stashing a few scarves in different colors and patterns. Not only scarves add a great accessory piece to your overall look but also make any basic outfit appear more classy and chic. If you’re wearing a monotone outfit and want to add a touch of spark to your overall ensemble scarves are the handiest piece of accessories.
Personally, we all love scarves but the majority of us are fashion impaired when it comes to styling scarves and the only way we know to style a scarf is that usual style draping it around the neck and not in any fancy knot. So, to upgrade your fashion sense we have scooped out 4 different and easy ways to style scarves for that instant outfit uplift. Keep reading!

Poncho Style

If you own a giant scarf you can surely try out this great technique. A poncho wrap can go with any style and outfit and easily lifts any basic outfit. Any monotone ensemble instantly glam up with a wrap of a scarf in a poncho-style. A poncho style scarf is a modern way to wear a scarf and adds versatility to each outfit. Here, is a quick guide on how to tie a poncho-style scarf.
• Fold your blanket in a rectangular shape and throw it around your shoulders.
• Bring both sides around each other simultaneously and tuck it tightly. You can tuck it until you are satisfied with the shape.
When heading for a meeting or casual day out don’t forget to try this poncho wrap and we are sure you will definitely slay even in the most basic outfit of yours.

Cardigan Style

Another great way to wear your scarf is to drape it in a cardigan style. When choosing to style a scarf in a cardigan style make sure you pick a bold piece and a little longer than the usual. So, grab your ideal scarf, and let’s proceed on how to wrap a scarf in cardigan style.
• Fold your scarf half diagonally and create a triangle. Don’t worry if it’s not in perfect shape, a sloppy triangle will also work.
• Warp the triangle from the long sides around your shoulders
• And adjust as necessary or leave it open.
You can even tie a belt around your waist including the scarf to make the overall look even more stylish.

Half-tied Style

For that classy sassy look half-tied style works amazingly well. Wear this style on all your basic outfits a plain black tee or a shirt and you will definitely look as if you spent some big shells on the look. How to wrap a scarf in half-tied style? Check this out.
Once you have created a triangle shape of the scarf all you have to do is just wrap it around your neck and then loosely tie the ends and voila you’re done just like shown in the picture. You can adjust the knot the way you want.

Knotted Scarf

This one is the most simple and stylish way to style a scarf and a go-to scarf style for many of us. Still, if anyone doesn’t know how to actually achieve this, we have a mini-tutorial for you. Read this out!
• Place the scarf around your neck with both ends parallel to each other.
• Grab the end from one side and tie a loose knot.
• Then slip the other un-knotted side through the loose knot and adjust as necessary and you’re done.

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